10 Signs That You Are Feeling Wanderlust

Wanderlust, a great desire to travel and rove about. Its like a disease that keeps putting you in a repetitive loop. Let me lay it all out for you right here....all the signs that you are feeling wanderlust. If its true, then you got it!

1. You constantly keep in check whether the airfares to your next destination are getting cheaper. Not just every month/week but almost every day you could possibly keep track of from SkyScanner to Expedia. Hoping there's a slight glint of hope that you could buy it in discounted price.
2. You keep going to deals site like Groupon or Deals to check out that latest beach getaway promotion with all in fares or that dream Maldives trip away! Sometimes you get luckier when there's a discount on travel gears!
3. You have a DreamDays widget on your phone that lets you stare at it every hour hoping the days goes faster for your awaited getaway but Going Home is not one of it.
4. All you ever talk about is the number of XX days to your next road trip or anything travel related that its getting to your head.
5. You go to all the social media that you know, Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram and you search for hashtags like these: #Wanderlust #Adventure #Travel #InsertCountryYouWantToVisit, Just to fill up your time......24/7.
6. You have a map. Yes, pasted in your wardrobe, a wallpaper on your laptop and home screen or on your wall. Then you began to plot places you want to visit.
7. Its ridiculous when you can't even save a cent the last time but now you are saving every penny just to travel. And you feel really proud of yourself.
8. You want to be inspired and you want to inspire.You post millions of travel quotes on your social stream like a mad woman. And people start to wonder what you actually do for a living.
9. You get insanely jealous with travel bloggers whom make a living out of travel but also thankful that you can have tips to the places you wanted to visit listed in one of their blog post. And the millions of wander-lusting photos they post keeps you more hype up.
10. You watch travel videos, all day err day! Its an addiction, you try to get familiar of your surroundings through other's lens. There is no stop to it because once you finish watching this video....the list of related videos that shows up will make you thirst for more.

After reading this, you realized you do have the bug. Safe travels x

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