Dai Nam 616 Death Adventures | Vietnam

After much talking to the locals on where to get the bus to Dai Nam Themepark. And by talking, i meant 'Chicken and Duck' sign language and repeated words that i know kind of conversation. Bus 616 gave us such a luck.

We are up in the bus, no one came to us. I meant the bus conductor. The 3 of us sitting on the left hand side of the bus. I am the odd one out. Suddenly, a lady covered in body socks started to shout and point her fingers at us. She was babbling in Vietnamese to the bus conductor and as i hand my money to him, the lady kept staring at my pouch. Apparently, she is trying to informed the bus conductor whom totally forget about us to make us pay up. Chill woman, we know we have to pay!

I thought that was the end of it all....a few distances later, a couple with a baby entered the bus. The husband tap on my shoulder, told me to get up and sit in front of the "Scary woman". I had to move to give them the seat. The whole time, i was feeling really paranoid as i could hear the sounds of penknife at the back of my seat. This 'Scary woman' is accompanied with an elderly man whom kept leaning to the front as if looking at me. Well, if you are paranoid all sorts of things came to mind right? The bus to bloody Dai Nam was not half an hr, 1 hour or 2 hours...its almost 3hours! Its so far out of the city and the lady only get down at the last few distances. Imagined me trying to act cool and wanting to pee while thinking about my death on the hands of this woman?!
Once we reached Dai Nam, i was greeted with breath taking views of this place which reminds me of The Great Wall Of China! First of all, i have a newspaper cutting given by the bus driver telling me how much time to spent on each place. The theme park actually have 4 sections. Waterpark, Zoo, Amusement park and Magic House. It was kind of him but we went straight to the amusement park.

Of course after 3hours of sitting in the bus, feeling sweaty and scared....i had to take a pee. To my horror.....
The toilet there is called W.C instead of toilet so we searched a big round to find it. Tsk. The female toilet was under maintenance, great! So we were screamed by the cleaner to use the male toilet instead. They gotta chill man!!!!! I have no choice do i?! The toilet was only partition by half and you can literally see the head of the person next to you doing his/her private business. I was about to have a nervous breakdown.

When we walked into the "Palace", we were greeted with a bicycle station. If we want to enter any 4 of the parks, we need a form of transport as it is pretty far. Oh god. We actually rented a bicycle with 3 seats and best thing is one of my friend can't cycle. After much balancing and almost falling to our death and getting laughed at...we rented one more bicycle with no choice.
We rode a bit further into the theme park and was a bit suprised when we realised that we had to pay every ride! Yeah, every single ride on top of the entrance fee + the bicycle fee. Tsk. We felt a little bit cheated but we did took the roller coaster ride. It was super scary! That was the ONLY ride we paid for and it got me really giddy, my tummy flipped inside and my head hurts. I was a bit shocked that they don't really have a proper seat belt, what i meant was....the seat belt is manually wrapped twice onto the seat barrier and then clipped on. Someone could have died if it snapped! My friend studs flew off the coaster...lucky its not her!
A little bit of cycling around the almost vacant theme park, it was starting to rub of a little bit of a creepy vibe on me. Lots of the rides looks pretty scary as if it was a Halloween theme. Such an adventure for me. I still enjoyed the vibrant colors at the main entrance of the theme park though.

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  1. Great photos and sounds like you had an amazing time :)
    Ive recently posted about my travels to Florida, it would be great if you could check it out!



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