Experience Cu Chi Tunnel

"I am so excited to take a picture in that tunnel!" And that, readers, was what the voice in my head keep telling me even before i landed in Saigon. Its crazy isn't it when you are actually there. I was soaking up really well to the history of Cu Chi Tunnels. We (the tour group & my friends), were seated inside an underground space makeshift into sort of a movie theatre, There were some exhibits and models of the tunnel system and a projector showing the history of the war.
The underground tunnels in Cu Chi are a part of a much bigger network of tunnels in the country. It is the location of military campaigns during the Vietnam War and were the base of the Viet Cong's.It was used as a hiding spots for them as well as a secret hospital, living quarters, food and weapons storage and supply routes. It was pretty impressive to see the tunnel routes inside.
The group was then brought to more exhibits featuring the booby traps this really clever Vietnamese soldiers invented. It was really gory, i can imagined how violent this things works in hurting people! Anyway, one of the bucket list, i took a picture in Cu Chi Tunnel. Yessa! It was kind of difficult for someone small like me to get out of that hole. After everyone have their taste of Vietnamese tunnel experience, we were led to the National Defence Sports Site. Over here you can enjoy corns with salt while getting your eardrums hurt with the sound of AK 47s bullet shooting off at the back. I didn't get to try it because it was a bit too crowded...well maybe next time. 

You can watch the whole vlog of us experiencing Cu Chi Tunnel as we crawled down under to explore the secrets it holds right here: Journey To Cu Chi Tunnel & Inside Cu Chi Tunnel
Stay tuned for more backpacking stories in Vietnam right here! 

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