Mekong River and the Python | Vietnam

The Mekong river is the 7th longest river in Asia, it runs through from China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam. That's how the beautiful tributaries are form and you can see it on top of the plane! So in each country it passes through, its called a different name. In Vietnam, its the Mekong river also known as the Nine Dragons river. The ones i visited is of course the lower part of the river. Visiting this river is a definite must when you are in Asia!

The beautiful voice from the Mekong Idol singers and a bunch of fruit that was served during the tour was a great perk me up in the early morning of my trip to Mekong River. After listening to some songs, of course in Vietnamese language and then one song in English was present to us. We trek along the forested area awaiting our sampan/wooden boat to take us to a coconut candy factory.
It was pretty cool, AK, the guide for this full day tour was so funny. He explained to us how the coconut candies were made and we all had a taste of it while it was still hot and melting! Yum! There was also a small stall selling odd things as well. We had a tea drinking session where a lady served us tea with fresh honey from the bees. We were then directed towards an open area and AK brought out the python. I had a go with it, its so heavy. Feels like a rubber hose on you! 

We got onto a big boat and headed towards Vinh Trang Pagoda with a stop over somewhere at the river coast for lunch. It was really a busy river! There was a lot of things going on, long ships? carrying stones and sands and kids bathing in the river. Truly amazing. This river is such an important part of their lives in not just transporting goods within the country but those along the mekong river and out to the rest of the world exporting resources.

Hope you guys love the snaps taken along the river! You can also watch all this happening right here : Hello, Mekong Idol & Snake Hugs Stay tuned for more backpacking stories!

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