It was my last day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My plan for the mid afternoon is to get to the National Mosque of Malaysia or better known as Masjid Negara in the Malay language. Not wanting to miss out something that represent my religion and also KL Heritage Trail, i set off on a hot sunny day to the destination. It wasn't far from KL City gallery and i had asked for directions in the information centre beforehand.

15 minutes later, sweating and panting, i arrived to a magnificently gigantic mosque. There were other travellers gathered in between the entrance an a beautiful garden that leads to the main road. It seems that it was not open yet for visitors so i had to wait a while. Visitors started queuing up and i too follow suit plus admission was free. Those whom are not covered properly (showing thighs, neck and hair for ladies) were given robes to wear with a head scarf to cover. Everyone were made to sign in and out of the mosque as well. I'm using my own headscarf because i brought mine. Thank god, the robe hood smells funny.

I toured the big halls, all looking spick and span. The floors were so polished as if you could see your own reflections on it. The water fountain inside added to the already calming atmosphere and the sun bathe perfectly into the mosque. Everyone inside observed a perfectly sync decorum. It felt like a scene in Harry Potter, visitors seem to be floating on the floor donning purple robe and hoodie.  It was magical in a way actually. There were of course a designated hall for prayers and people were seen performing their prayers inside. The interior of the prayer hall is so elegant and beautiful with carpeted floors and smelt good.

I rested at the corner of the mosque almost falling into a deep sleep. Few moments later, cold wind came rushing in and the sun light was blocked by dark clouds. Rain then started pouring down heavily accompanied with scary thunders and lightning sighted in between the Petronas Tower from afar. The real worry was really, can I make it on time for my flight back home?
At this point of time, I started packing up and waited at the entrance for awhile waiting for the rain to stop. The rain never stop, in fact it rained harder. It was raging by the second. There was no shelter down to the main road and i don't have an umbrella with me. I told my travel buddies to head down first as the both of them had one umbrella to share. I suggested them to flag a taxi while i took care of their nearly impossible to carry loots that they bought at the cheap market near Majid Jamek!
As the clock ticks and i'm becoming more impatient. There was no sight of them coming back up to get me. I took a walk to the side of the mosque and wanted to check if they actually sell umbrella. And what do you know!!! They did...and that idea to buy one only struck me after half an hour of waiting. How stupid.

"Bravo Liya! You are a genius!" I hinted a sense of sarcasm mix with accomplishment to myself.

I went down the flight of stairs carefully balancing my backpack and other stuff that does not belongs to me. Pfft. Frantically worried and searching for the others, i found them at the bottom feeling disappointed. No taxis. Crazy heavy rain. Flight about to take off within 3 hours. Clock is ticking. We decided to move to a different area and get a taxi there instead.

We were in luck though! A taxi pulled over and get us to central station in time for us to get to the airport. We were soaked but relief to be on the move again.

From now on i vowed to bring a poncho on my travels. Or an umbrella. Or start solving my problems a little more quickly. Tsk. I will forever remember this day.

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