Want to get the perfect view of KL? Forget about spending your cash on a ticket up the Petronas Twin Towers. There are many options to enjoy the city view without busting your bank. Unless of course, you don't mind paying 80 Malaysian Ringgit (it used to be free) at least 2 days in advanced as tickets get sold out at the perfect time slot usually in the evening and spending a limited time on the sky bridge (Mind you every tourist wants to be up here). Yes, i agree that its beautiful but you don't have to follow the crowd some times. Plus i cannot imagine the hassle i have to go through if i were to book the tickets on the spot and to come back at another available timing. Taking a picture of it shall suffice. Its equally beautiful outside the tower yeah?
So here i present to you the recently opened Heli Lounge Bar. The bar has a really nice concept using parts of planes as seats and such. Besides that, the catch is truly the helipad. You get a 360 degrees view of KL city at this open top active helipad with no barriers at all. It’s free to get on to the 34th floor however you need to purchase a drink to get up to the helipad from this bar. Please don’t bring your kids up here but I doubt they will let you enter. I being the cheap ass backpacker bought a 10RM juice from the bar and went up to enjoy the view along with some other sipping on drinks and taking photos. Most of them are foreigners as well.
The view here is perfect to catch a glimpse of the sunset just next to the Petronas Twin Tower. The bar opens after 6pm and it was a little crowded when I was there, it was a weekend hey….what do we all expect? Well If you get up here early, you will be able to take a seat at the helipad as there are makeshift table and chairs. I was left sitting down on the concrete floor instead but not the only one. It wasn't that bad.

Its a good place to go if you like a cheaper option to bask in the view and want to experience something new!

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