Malaysia's Majestic Batu Caves

The first thing i did once I landed in Kuala Lumpur was to head to this famous shrine, Batu Caves. Situated 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur, i am very psyched to see the golden statue and climbing the 272 steps up the cave. This cave is dedicated to Lord Murugan and gets really populated during the Thaipusam festival more than other temples. 
The cheapest way to reach here is to do it by myself without taking up unnecessary expensive day trip. I searched high and low for information on the internet of ways to go to Batu Caves but unfortunately the information given was either insufficient, outdated or just downright confusing. However, i managed to figure it out. From KL Sentral train station, i bought a ticket on KTM directly to Batu Caves itself. 
The waiting time for the train was about 30 minutes. When the train finally arrived, i noticed one of the cabin located at the center of the train allocated specifically for female passengers only. I think this is so cool because the government is actually taking care of the female passengers especially for the Muslim females whom are sensitive to their surrounding (Its a sin to be touch by the opposite gender if they were in no way blood related. Applies for both gender.) 

That aside, upon reaching Batu Caves station, all i could see was crazy human traffic going up the escalator to exit. There was almost a stampede! It was about 10 in the morning. Maybe it will be a good idea to beat the crowd by visiting it even earlier. I walked down a pathway that leads to the a gate. There were locals sitting by the corner offering cheap henna tattoos, some fortune tellers and also souvenir stalls. I entered the gate with a cold water bottle in hand, profusely sweating but grateful to be greeted by this beautiful statue. Not the gold one yet.
The lime stone hills beautify the surrounding and it feels so magical. There were a lot of pigeons though and some people were feeding it. When i said a lot, i literally meant a big military flock of pigeons!
There were monkeys on my way up the steep stairs and it being so crowded, every few flights there will be people taking photos/screaming and avoiding monkeys (ME INCLUDED)/stopping to rest by the corner etc. But it was worth it. The view in the cave is beautiful and you can see formations of the lime stones carving. Tips: Don't try to bring any food or drinks up this cave because the monkeys here are well known thieves and they can smell your fried fritters from miles away.

When you have time in Malaysia, don't give this place of worship a miss and see the natural wonders it has to offer. With that, i will see you on my next post! Safe travels!

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