2 Solo Travelers in Saigon : The Middle | Vietnam

Yes. I'm back in Saigon. I decided that i need to make a turn back to Vietnam because i felt that there were so much to see in this beautiful country alone. I might have fallen in love with everything about it. Friends and family back home knew how obsessed i am with the Land of the ascending Dragon.

So here i am, not feeling scared or nervous. I step off the plane, headed to the familiar non existent bus stop for number 152 to open its door for me. I went in and plop onto a window seat figuring out how much i have to pay for the fare. As i was discreetly rummaging through my purse, a girl with a daypack hop into the bus and sit at the opposite looking really local. Yeah, i thought she was so i asked her how much was the bus fare and she just shook her head and said 'I don't know.'

I realised there were freckles on her cheeks and she was fair skinned, not much of that local look after a long glance. I just had to ask her, 'Where are you from?' And that, my friend, is an adventure about to unfold. She moved herself to my seat and i shared my Mentos with her. We started talking about stuff that just passed by at the top of our brains.
Ayumi is a Japanese girl the same age as me. How coincidental for good God to make my first solo trip easy huh? And she was on a 13 hour layover from London to Japan had nothing much to do and not really anywhere to go. While me, whom have all the time in the world for a week in Vietnam had planned to visit certain places if time permits in Ho Chi Minh City. What a perfect combination, we both set off to have breakfast. Find my hostel and do a mellowed down version of my DIY Ho Chi Minh City Tour. 
We hired a Xe Om driver whom seems too nice but to our own liking, we felt uncomfortable after he dropped us off to a few places and wanted to drop us off to places we don't want to go for lunch. Because I know what I want. Pfft. We had to persuade him to bring us to the restaurant that i wanted to go. In the restaurant, we met the owner whom told us to be very careful with Xe Om drivers that is unlicensed. They are perfect scam artist. Great, first day back here and i'm blessed with truly such good luck.

We walked all day until the evening. Discovered some hidden cafes & markets in the nook and crannies of Saigon. Visited a few places and learn a few things from one another, Ayumi helped me count my money (i'm so bad at it!) and i helped her to cross the road. About evening, I sent her off by the roadside and watched her leave for Japan while i continue my journey onward.

On my first few hours of the trip, i learnt that, i have to open up and talk to people. A conversation goes a long way. Be brave and trust my instincts. If you wish to read the first chapter of my previous trip in Vietnam, click here.

P.S: Ayumi! I miss you and hope to see you again someday. Just like the time you came to transit here, my sleep was sacrificed at 3 in the morning!

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