I did a lot of reflection on my long ride to Mui Ne on life. Yeah, very emotional yada yada. There are times you will feel overwhelmed and just want to pack up and go. No matter how many days; it can be a week, a year or forever. I cannot believe that i would be strap into these cool looking sleeper buses for 4 bloody hours
What do you do for 4 hours other than looking out the window (more to that soon), reflect. You are alone, there is no one that you know in this city. This is the only time other than the bathroom to think about what you want to do in life.
You will realized that it's not everyday you have such a privileged to be on your own. Your own space (excluding 30 others on their sleeper bed one shoulder apart, i'm not joking.), your own time. When was the last time you hugged your parents or treat your siblings? The last time you catch up with your best-friends? The last time you helped someone in need? For all you know, the bus ride you are on may never reach your destination. Serious though, the long distance buses in Asia are prone to accidents and breakdowns. 

For me, the bus did reach to my destination safely but......not at the right stop. I had to backtrack my journey because apparently after much reminding of my drop off site they still forget about this little small Asian me at the corner of the bus. Pfft.

P.s Enjoy my 4 hour trip in video instead!

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