When I was younger, my mama said, "Don't talk to strangers." But no, i still did. Talking to strangers is an environment i'm so comfortable in. I never understood the dangers of it no matter how many times the teachers in my character development class brainwashed me.

What could possibly happened right? Well, i have my fair share of bad encounters with strangers when i was as young as 10. I was roaming around alone at my neighborhood after school (oh, my mum should never know of this!) and this man that i talked with lured me to help him with some things. I helped him but he started to carry me and told me to go to his place for sweets as a reward. He led me up the stairs and what i did next was to kick, shout, spit at him and ran away. I was trained in the traditional Malay Muay Thai, its called Silat Sendeng mostly concentrated on speed and powerful kicking/punching so that skill was pretty useful for me.

Years later, i saw in the news that he was jailed using the exact same tactic to lure other kids. Well, i guess you have to be vigilant and trust your instinct as well. I guess i was pure lucky to get away with it and using half of my brain. (or maybe i am born with the traveler's instinct. Nah i kid.)

And what has this got to do with the German boys you say?

I was sitting at the common area of Cocosand Guesthouse. It was about 8pm and writing on my travel diary under the dim lights while listening to music. I was honestly enjoying the solitary moment which i badly needed. The boys from the opposite bungalow came over around me and started swinging in the hammocks, talking right across.

It was getting a bit uncomfortable. After 10 minutes of shutting up, i got really curious of what they are saying. A mix of gibberish and English. I looked up and Andreas, as he introduced himself to me, stood up and offered me an already half drank chocolate blended drink that he bought at the ice cream parlor next door. I took it. Yes. I did. We all then started talking and i finally understood that they were conversing in part German part English. They even dare me to flip through my travel diary and read one page from it!

Here is one vividly funny story i will remember among the rubbish conversation we went through.
[ "On a trip to Sapa from Hanoi, we were surrounded with lots of kids. They were begging for money from us but we don't have much and we gave them a bag of fries. The kids were so cute, i want to steal them and sell them away. Sell them in Ebay! Can you guess who will buy them?"

"I know, Angelina Jolie will totally buy it!" answered one of them.]

 And we burst out laughing. How true. A few hours more of sharing  travel stories and they asked me out to listen to some live music at the restaurant. I had to sleep in though because i have arranged to meet my guide to the sand dunes the next morning.

And the chocolate drink is just a chocolate drink. It never occurred to me that anyone will do that but my friends back home was like, "Are you not scared they will spike them or anyone that would?" That made me think real hard. Sometimes you meet people in your life that are either genuinely nice or genuinely evil. What shall we call this event then; a beginner's luck i would say.

Cheers to more stories in Mui Ne.

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