A bumpy ride out of the common strip, my guide drove us into the misty darkness. It was 4.30am, the lights on the main road starts to come back on but we are leaving it behind. Cold wind, fresh air and a smile was drawn to my face. I am on a jeep. Ah, this can't be happening.

The road ahead was so dark, nothing was visible except the light coming from the jeep. I got a bit worried. My guide seems to be pretty cool with the nothingness in front of him, it was as if he was driving through a sunny day. Naturally, i got curious on his sixth sense and started asking him weird questions. Does this guy have bionic eyes? Well obviously he is so used to the road since he is a guide, probably driven through the area for so many years.

After so much bumping, being driven through beautiful landscapes at the edge of a hill overlooking the sea & muddy roads leading to the destination. We finally arrived at the most amazing looking sand dunes ever. I was so excited that i could have just jumped out of the jeep and roll on the sand! My face lighted up when i saw the quad bike and hired a boy to ride around the dunes. It was a mad ride because when the dune have a steep slope, i felt like i was in a roller coaster going down. I actually managed to bite his shoulder when it was plunging down. It was an accident!

A few hours into the morning and the boy pat my back. I turned around to see the most stunning sunrise working its magic at the White sand dunes. What can i say?

It was the most beautiful sunrise i have ever seen. And i have the pictures to prove it.I was at my own environment. Jeeps, sunrise, quad bikes, dunes....what more can i ask for in life?

In the end i never regret running out of the guesthouse without my makeup because i was rewarded with a beautiful nature. I want to do it again.

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