Mui Ne is really amazing, if you don't like the White Sand Dunes, they give you another option to see the Red ones. It was another drive out and also the most thrilling one. My driver cum guide? and i spotted another jeep with about 8 people inside and both drivers started to have a race with one another along the deserted muddy road though we had to slow down when a number of cows moving across the road! It was fascinating to me. I didn't just see a herd of cow but sheeps as well!

As my driver pulled at the driveway of a shop across the Red Sand Dunes, little kids started climbing onto his jeep. Clinging onto them like monkeys. I was so shocked but also mentally prepared as he already warned me about them. The kids started to speak in English to me and trying hard to sell their services which is forcing me to play the sand slide and get my picture taken and developed instantly. They followed me for a good few minutes and all i did was said, "No" and they dispersed themselves away from me feeling dejected. I'm sorry kids, i just don't want to do that also i heard from the driver that they will steal things from my bag. I'm not ready to part ways with my passport.
It wasn't really RED. More of a bright orange hue. If you asked me, i would prefer the White Sand Dunes more than this one because its much more vast and clean. I spent about 15 minutes maximum at this place and it was a little bit dirty though.

Time to move along now, the sun is already shining so beautifully.

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