I reached Mui Ne about 1.30pm. Barely making my way to the guesthouse, i was safely lost in the strip of Mui Ne at broad daylight. Thank goodness it was still day or i would cry. Tough going. I walked the small stretch before a long curve and realized there's no way i will reach my guesthouse without going the wrong side. Hired a Xe Om driver and off we go zipping passed seafood restaurants, hotels, resorts and little houses until he stopped near a small corner next to an ice cream parlor.

So here i am. In Coco sand Guesthouse, walked in with no one in sight. There was a main porch at the front and then i walked further in and saw a couple walked out followed by a local man.

"Hi, Liya!"
"Oh hi!" I answered, feeling a bit unexpected but very welcomed.

I was surprised that he knows my name. Turned out that he was the owner of the guesthouse and introduced himself as Mr Tuan. He led the way to my bungalow and i had a little chat with him. The place was so quiet, it was as if i was alone there and he told me there were some boys whom stayed opposite me that went for a swim. least there are people around. I noticed that it was a family run business and they were all living at the bigger bungalow at the front porch. After settling down and messing my room. I sat at the hammock right in front of it. Perfect spot for some reading and sleeping. It was good and i bonded with a kid living in the guesthouse (not sure if it was his son though).

I was there the whole time until i decided to head out and explore Mui Ne as well as witnessing the beautiful sunset.
It was a great walk and i explored the whole stretch of road which is never ending until it drizzled then i had to turn back. The locals asked me out for a drink at the bar to have fun. Well, i said no because i was already broke and spent my last few Dongs at the ice cream parlor. I head back to the hammock spot, chill out with my German neighbors and had a fun talk. That's coming up next! Talk soon!

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