What luck in the world would you find someone whom is the same citizen as you but actually living and working in another country that you wouldn't expect it to be? Well, for me basically, i don't believe it. How could someone have such a great luck of coincidences? But in the "Grand schemes of the worldly things" in does. Things happen and its kind of very put together.

(Photo coutersy of Artisan Cruise) because woman got no more battery in her camera and phone.

It started with this restaurant in Saigon that i tried on my first visit. I love the tiger prawns here. They are amazing, enough said. I visited it again. I actually met the owner and we had a good chat.

I found out this Malay man probably in his early 30s is Singaporean. Good, same language, same country and same race. What are the odds? He kindly asked me out after he tended to his restaurant to show me around Saigon at night. Dude! Saigon at night, on a bike? Who doesn't want to experience this? Plus it was free. Travelers love free stuff.

So, i thought..... hey i have nothing to do at night and Ayumi is going back. My Vietnamese friend is too busy to meet me so why not right. My instinct would probably said No but my traveler's gut was saying, "Go for it! You got nothing to lose and he seems credible enough." So i said, "Yes" We set the date and time to meet later in the night.

Suffian (yeah his name. I just remembered.) came with his scooter and off we go blending into the city lights. I was praying to myself hoping that things weren't go wrong or me being kidnapped of some sort. He was nice, brought me to see places from another districts that sell cheaper stuff than the ones in Ben Thanh Market. We stopped by Saigon River and chill out. Conversations about life and the future ahead was brought up while watching tourist ships with fancy lights cruising by as if it was Halong Bay.

Life at that moment felt like it halted for awhile. "Yes, i want to live like this." i said to myself.

I love basking in the chaos among the locals and at the same time the peacefulness it has to offer.

Suffian then asked me whether i wanted to learn to ride the bike. I looked at him with a shock face and almost shrieking, "Are you serious!??? Here? On a busy road?" Which also means another "Yes".
We then drove to a more secluded part of the river and i did my first practice session here. Sorry, no pictures camera & phone battery was flat and the only working thing was my GoPro. So no photos, how sad.

It wasn't that scary but there were many screaming coming from my vocal chords and locals were happily laughing at me. It was embarrassing but i did it! I learned how to ride on a manual scooter and it felt awesome. I'm going to use this skill to other parts of my IndoChina trip. Of course, all i could think about is my travel insurance. P.S: And yeah i know, just because i'm on it for awhile does not make me a skilled rider already, well real talk, a traveler will do what he/she got to do to survive.

After many roundabouts and falls, he sent me home well and good. I took a video of the ride home and hope you will love it. One off the bucket list. If not, i will never have the chance to say, "Hey! I did this when i went solo!"

Ah, life. Full of surprises. What if i had said "No"? None of these will happen.

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  1. Yes! Traveling and exploring a city by scooter is really fun. I did it a lot, exploring a city with a scooter :D


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