When i checked in at New Saigon Hostel, i was greeted into a small clean hostel room. There wasn't anyone inside this 6 bedded female dorm, only me and my backpack. After cleaning up and settling down my stuff i took a quick shower and take one last look around the room. I saw a black key almost similar to my locker & room key as well. I just ignored it. Was that the right thing to do? I don't know.

It was about evening and i was hanging out at the hostel lobby when this eccentric looking blonde haired girl asked for her hostel key at the reception. The hostel receptionist said that she does not have the key with her. The girl's face turned into disbelief. As i overheard the whole conversation, i asked her if she could remember where she left it. True enough, the key on top of the shower sink belong to her. So i went up with her to open the door and then i left.

That night when i came back, i realized i forgot to pack my towel! I know right? So i had to go downstairs and asked for one. I was too tired and all ready for bed. Downstairs i met Soo Min again, the girl whom lost her hostel key. I learned that she was from Korea and was so cool to hear about her life story. We connected in the most funniest way over my selfie stick. She is probably living her life right now in Australia! I miss that girl and she was the first person i told upon learning to ride a bike. 

The thing about traveling is, when you learnt something new, you go to the hostel common room and tell someone......they will be very excited for you. And instant connection.

Next time when you are traveling, please be very careful of your belongings and locked your bagpack if there is any valuables inside. That way, even if your room or locker is broken into, your stuff will still be lock well but then again the worst could happen so always embrace for it.

Human do err and can be very careless amidst all the fun that they are having so if you ever find someone that lost their stuff or witnessing someone stealing it, best to help them because karma, people!

Anyway, who actually knew this could make a good story and a life lesson?

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