I was arranging my flight schedules the night before and slept quite late. I dozed off with the lights and TV switched on with the aircon and full blast. The alarm rang and i kept snoozing it because 3 hours of sleep was not enough. I finally woke up at 4.30am and was in pure disbelief. What i did next was pure funny, i jumped out of bed and ran to the front door. Opened it and stand outside, i stood there for a good few minutes and i stared into blank space. Trying to digest what the heck is actually happening. 

I was scheduled to meet my guide at 4.30am to see the sunrise from the sand dunes of Mui Ne on his jeep. I have even paid him. I am late and not showered, I went back to bed and stared at my phone.

"Hey.....that's not 4.30am! It's only 3,30am!"i said to myself. It seems like i was still in Singapore's time zone. I felt really stupid after that. I quickly grab fresh clothes and towel. Took a quick shower and when i got out of the toilet, sitting down at the edge of the bed.......everything went pitch black.

I thought i had fainted. My body could move but i couldn't see anything except the light towards the front door. I ran out again. Cold wind hit my face and the smell of nature so refreshing but i couldn't see anything. No one realized that the whole guesthouse was having a black out. 
I struggled to find the flashlight on my phone and start brushing my teeth quickly, grab my bag and ran out of the guest house! I was shit scared. 

Out at the streets, it was dark too! The whole strip of Mui Ne was covered in darkness. No trail of lights except for passing jeeps and motor bikes. I sat myself on a concrete wall high enough for me to rest on. Then from afar, i saw a shadow.

"Liya! Hey!!! What are you doing outside so late!"
"Ah Andreas!" cues sigh of relief.

I told him the whole story and he just laughed at me. He told me that he could do some magic, took out his lighter and light up his cigarette. This guy is drunk and we were talking about Hitler. For a good half an hour we were discussing about the war and it was the most enjoyable conversation i had. He waited for the guide to pick me up and left. 

I then continued my journey to see the magic of Mui Ne after a traumatizing morning.

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