#TributeToLKY: Perspective of a 22 year old girl on Mr Lee Kuan Yew

The perspective of a 22 year old girl on the Senior minister mentor of Singapore:

[I shall make this short and sweet but i can write a dozen more lines and keep on adding to it but it will be rhetorical as dozen others will also write the same as thing as me. Coming from a young adult, i know there are others whom did not appreciate, refused to know about his actions or just followed the negativity that fall through during the new generations. They did not allow their minds to open up on reasons he acted and decided on certain things for Singapore. Most of it was based on things that will not just happen 1 year from the Independence period, but 50 years on. He was THAT prepared to sustain this country. I urged young people to learn about him, read about him, watch his rallies and decide for yourself......what makes a country without his wise words & strictness before condemning him for no valid reason. A man & a government is two different things.]

Our founding father of Singapore, the first Prime Minister has return to God at 91 years old on the 23rd of March 2015. My country went on a state of national mourning for a week, flags were positioned half mast, not just in Singapore as i typed but in New Zealand & India. Everything became gloomy. This man is a great person recognized & respected by people all over the world.

The man that we should respect for fighting so hard to let his grand children and younger generation live in a comfortable country. The man that only cared about this small land and make it into something beautiful.

From a 3rd world country to a 1st world nation, the Y2K generations never tasted hunger nor humiliation between races, never tasted hard work before success because they are living in the results. They should learn about the history of Singapore and then they will understand the man he is and the sacrifice he did for us. He was a man whom dedicated his life and fight for the freedom of his country when no one else is brave enough to stand up for their mother being kicked in the streets. We should continue to uphold and maintained what he have done and not spoil it.

Without him, we won't live in this safe city we always do not want to call home. We won't be waiting for the bus for 2hrs like in other countries but instead 2mins every day and we still complain. We need to appreciate what our forefathers did for us. Because if not, you won't be learning English in Singapore, you will slog so hard at 300/month, you will live in dirty streets and you won't know what really is a good life like because to you, that is a good life.

He had so much believe in Singapore and made it the way it is. The older generation trusted him, loved him, cherish him and cried with him. They understand the pain more than us and the hard labor they have went through so that we can have a better life.

So before we said the bad things about him (or his political party, which we might not agree with the current times and technology), think again..........

He is the spine of this country.

Beautifully drawn & illustrated by: Pok Pok & Away

Millions of people from not just Singapore but also leaders all over the world from Mr Kissinger to President Jokowi came to pay their last respect & foreign dignitaries attending the state funeral.

Today, on the 29th of March 2015 was the last day of mourning & as we bid goodbye and be apart from world history, let the bygones be bygones.

I respected you and thank God that He created a man like you to help us live in the future you envisioned. Thank you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the father of Singapore for putting your heart & soul to this little red dot we called home.

There are many photos taken during the public mourning but why should i post it when you can all see it through the net so instead with that, i leave you with this heart wrenching tribute video of our National Anthem sang in Malay Language as it should.

As you are reading this, he will already be on his way to the crematorium in a grand send off while citizens lined up to bid goodbye on his journey and the public siren will sound for the minute of silence. All this captured online and live on national television as well as most parts of the world in the respective embassy.

It felt like we lost the war as shops in malls and shophouses switch on the radio, listening to depressing tunes and past speech rallies but in truth as tears rolled down our eyes especially those from the pioneer generations, we didn't lose the war, we lost the man whom won the hearts of our grandparents. Its a beautiful moment in Singapore political history in fact even better than National Day where everyone gathers along the route of the funeral procession, waving the Singapore flag and cheering on. I'm sure for the next few days, the older people i will meet on my way to work, at work & everywhere else will grief about him.

I hope Singapore will continue to prosper and the next generation will uphold his vision and make the new era an even better one.

And as Singapore celebrate its 50th birthday without you this year......we shall always remember.....

One people, one nation, one Singapore.
Majulah Singapura.

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