First, i have never associated sand dunes with Vietnam. Now, there is a fairy stream. How magical can Mui Ne be already? My next stop was to this fairy stream that i'm very curious about.
Vietnam, you have to stop surprising me. This is why i fall in love with you.

I hopped of the jeep and went inside a back alley that leads me to a stream. Seems empty, no one around. I didn't know where to walk until i saw a boy walking in so i quietly followed him from the back. Leading to the stream i saw a garden zoo which lets people ride an ostrich. Another surprise, a Garden zoo in the middle of nowhere. Hmmmm....i give that a passed. I continued walking and at the same time trying to tiptoe as i was walking barefoot and hoping not to slip.

This boy then started showing me stones and the nature of the soil. I felt like i was in a geographical class for a bit. I'm not sure how the name Fairy stream, Suoi Tien in Vietnamese, came about but it was beautiful when the sunlight come streaming in reflecting off the ankle deep river. I was pulled! mind you, i was pulled by the boy because i was too slow climbing up the sand hill to see the view point from the top. And he sighed at me. Oh great, was i heavy?!

I was in awe with the viewpoint. The whole time i was so distracted with the formation of rocks, stones, soils, mud and whatsoever i could practically bathe in them. Nature is so beautiful and this stream is a hidden gem. As i walked back the boy then picked up a four leaf clover and wishes me the luck in the world. That made my day.

I left the stream feeling very satisfied as i saw a couple of tourist coming in, their turn to enjoy the magic of the fairy stream. To answer your question, yes, Fairy stream do exist.


  1. Stream mean suoi and fairy mean tien, combine two world: Suoi Tien = Fairy Stream. A long times a go, some people go here, walking along the stream and when they go end of the stream, a small spring appears and they call this springs is the fairy stream from there. Fairy is not existed here, only a small spring seem like fairy here and when they translate to english, the name is Fairy Stream........

    1. Thank you for explaining about the Fairy Stream translation :)


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