Sometimes information can be very misleading especially when you don't understand their language or social norms. This was the case for me..... i was scheduled to take the 1.30pm bus from Mui Ne to Nha Trang. I went to speak to Mr Tuan and he offered to call the bus driver. It was confirmed that the bus will come but at 1pm.

Ah! I love Vietnamese people, they are always almost punctual even for a casual meet up but being 30 minutes earlier is taking it a bit too unprepared for me. Time checked, it's 12.30pm. I'm in a mess and i have not even packed yet! I rushed myself and stuffed everything inside my bag. My phone battery was not even charged and its depleting by the second really fast. As i thought, the bus pull up in front of the guest  house and then starts the excruciating journey to Nha Trang.

This time, i was not assigned a seat in the bus like previously so i have the pleasure to choose. I decided to plop myself on the upper left bunk window seat this time. As the bus move along, i realized my phone was still vibrating due to the incoming notifications from my social networks. Yeah, it is. Surprised, there's Wifi in the bus!

Here are some heads up that can be useful for you in the long run:
  • Pack your bag earlier and charged your devices batteries.
  • Pee, shit, vomit whatever in advanced.
  • Get your emergency toilet kit ready just in case. Very important!
  • Confirmed your bus schedule as many times as you can to the locals.
  • Ask a local to call the driver to ask the location and estimated time of arrival.
  • Be at the pick up point visibly so they won't miss you out.
Now, if you ever experience a long bus ride like this.....try one of these below or all of them!
1. Switch on your WiFi on your devices.
This is the time to update your journey to your closed ones, reply messages, check out your social feeds. Just to kill time! Listen to some music or watch videos. Also it is more useful that you start googling the place you will be staying in the city you are headed to. Trust me, do it before the battery goes low.

2. Talk to your sleeper neighbors.
You may noticed that most locals also use the sleeper bus you are in and also other travelers. Good times to make some new friends, kill the silence and get tips from them. Sometimes, you could end up finding the hostel together with them.

3. Prepare your snack food.
Yup, go to the nearest mart and grab some snacks and drinks for you to savor. You can share it with your neighbors too. Buses will also usually have a few pit stops for you refresh get some snacks and empty your bladder.

4. Sleep.
Great time to catch up on your sleep after lots of walking the previous day right? Right! Its quite comfortable with their loud disco music on. When you are tired, it doesn't really matter and it has pillows too! Its essential for you to get some because you don't want to arrive at your next destination feeling cranky and annoyed when you are finding accommodation for the night.

5. Window watching
Appreciate the scenery around you, create a timelapse, take pictures or just lay down and watch the world goes by. For that 8 hours you can observe so much! I know i did because my battery depleted.

I do know there are bus rides that stretch up to 23 hours and usually they will change drivers in that bus. It might be dangerous to some and a pain in the ass to sit that long but the experience you get from it is incredibly different. Just pray hard before you get onto it.

So, what do you do on a long bus ride like this? If you have more suggestions, let us know.


  1. I sometimes read. Haha. But I did everything that you mentioned above. Especially window watching.

    1. Window watching is fun! Thank you for commenting :)


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