Nha Trang: The Unexpected Welcome | Vietnam

Thank goodness the bus trip is finally over. As i looked out of the window, it was already dark and people were rushing out of the bus. Almost 8 pm and i have safely arrived Nha Trang, a coastal city and capital of Khanh Hoa Province at the South Central Vietnam. 

My neck felt very stiff and all i could think of was to get into a hotel and sleep. I dragged my feet out of the bus, feeling very ditzy. Taxi and Xe Om drivers from all directions pounced on me as i went down the bus, asking me where i wanted to go while i'm busily wearing my sandals. How annoying. You have been in the bus for 8 bloody hours and all you need is just a breather but you can't have it for even 1 second as you step into the cobbled streets. 

I looked at them, said a firm "No" and stand at the corner trying to catch my breath. I had already book my hotel and took out the confirmation letter. A Xe Om driver then came to me and it was the start of a bargaining spar as he tried to rip me of 100 000 vnd for a 5 minutes ride down the alley. Well he tried but he didn't get it. Upon reaching my hotel, it felt different because i remembered that the hotel was facing the beach. Hmmm, i will leave it till the next morning to deal with that then.
Inside the room of my hotel, i realized that there was no blanket! It was weird, i didn't bother to ask for one anyway. I was too tired and went to sleep with the television switch on. 

The next morning, i tried to digest what ever that actually happen the night before. Well, basically....the hotel management that i stayed in have a very good Photoshop editor. Well the view outside my hotel look like this but the ones in their site was well...of trees and beaches. How can i be so gullible? However i am still satisfied because it really is near the beach actually. Ah, what a laughing stock!
Sometimes, things are not always what it seems....so where's the palm tree? One of my coldest night in Vietnam without a blanket.

After a day of exploring the beaches of Nha Trang, i met another solo traveler from Taiwan whom was sitting at the beach writing on her diary. We chatted and our conversation dragged us to a cheap local seafood restaurant all the way to the other of the beach. We had a bowl of clams, prawn, a bucket of rice, peanuts and 2 can of colas for 399 000 VND. If you do the math, it will be about $12 SGD split bill. WOW PRETTY FREAKING CHEAP.

She gave me her map and i went to explore the area. I went to Cho Dam market as well but it wasn't as great as Ben Thanh so if you want to shop, do it all in Ben Thanh Market and not here. We parted ways and i wanted to get back.

I came back to the hotel to get a change of clothes when i realized that my things that were strewn all over the place was tidied up and neatly stacked at the corner! I thought my room was broken into and quickly looked for my valuables. I totally forgot that room service existed.

During the night in Nha Trang, things drastically changed! The silent parade square and beaches were filled with locals. They were doing activities like skating, skateboarding and playing kites. There was also a cultural event going on opposite the parade square. Kids were singing in their native language and it was really nice to watch them dancing. (unfortunately i lost all my footage in Nha Trang) There was  night market near the post office but it was a tad too pricey.
I would pretty much say that Nha Trang is catered for Russian people as most of the sign boards were in Russian....even the food menu. It also happened to be that its the Russian 10 days holiday and most people come to Nha Trang for a family getaway. I had a pleasant night definitely as i watched a group of locals getting scolded by the police at the beach for BBQ-ing while i eat corns under a palm tree. Stay tuned for my last few adventures in Vietnam. 

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