A letter to Vietnam

 Dear Vietnam,

Everyone keep asking me why I keep coming back to you. This was how it was with you:
One city give you gifts, another robs you. One gives you the heart's affections, the others destroy your soul. You were a blessing in disguise. 

My first impression of you was pure hatred but after so many scams and robbery (that i escaped), screaming and chasing out of countless shops, you were the perfect example of a country with a slight gleam of hope. (Actually VERY BIG HOPE that you have not shine to people enough.) Your past builds you up so well that I forget all the mean things you have done to me. My obsession with the Vietnam War and being moved by it story, by its people, by its remnants that was left behind not too long ago hold so close to my heart. Even the bucket of tears I could cry does not measure the bloodshed you have experienced and the hardship you went through to make your country prosper. I am so amazed by your driven motivation and strength to survive through obstacles in your daily lives to make ends meet.

At some point, we were in a love hate relationship yet you surprised me all the same.
I walked on your streets and only wander what it's like to be the only constant. Every detail, every morning, every night. What it's like to be in your constant.

I miss the smell of familiarity. The smell of hot soup, bikes honking, talking to people randomly, sellers aggressively shouting, smokes fuming & hot fresh bread toasting. All this happening just by the side of the road. Take me back to a place to a place i couldn't understand any English except for "Fix Price" hanging in front of a street stall.

I miss it all.

People might not pay any attention to you because beautiful things/places don't ask for attention. You are beautiful and i can see your perfect imperfections. You weren't the kind of love at first sight but it was a legitimate feeling after i get to know you deeper. I will say that it's true love and i accepted you for who you are. I know that the feeling is true because you will look at that person as a thing of the past but you wanted the best for them so you revisit them to make sure they are okay but in actual fact they can take care of themselves. I meant you. Its something you don't want to let go but you can't because it will still be there. That's the hardest part. You fall too deep to get out of this non existent gutter you imagined about.

When i see people take pictures with you, i was instantly reminded of the distance between you & I. Even though you were really just a mere 1 hour 40 minutes away from where I lived by air and I could have come and visit you anytime........ that nostalgic feeling never seems to go away. All my senses get excited when someone mentioned your name and you could see it light up in my eyes.

Vietnam, I have a confession to make; I love you and not even a million flights could make me lose sight of you.

For now, see you again.


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