How to cope with Post Travel Depression

Ever come back from a trip feeling all low and lifeless? Always feeling tired and losing appetite? Wanting to sleep all the time and slacking real hard at work? Being nostalgic and thinking of the adventures that occur on your recent trip? 

If you say yes to all this, it is possible that you are suffering from Post Travel Depression also commonly known as PTD among travelers.
Depression knows no boundaries and can hound you no matter how short your trip is. The duration of PTD symptoms usually occurs after you are back from a trip but most already showed symptoms even before they took that last flight back home.

Sounds familiar? You should know yourself best.

Based on personal experience, my PTD will set in once I said my goodbye to the last person I met during the trip. Yes, I might be so used to the people I met coming and going randomly during my trips but that doesnt mean I am immune to the feeling of leaving them already. These people are a part of my trips and the connections (usually deep) I have with them are different than my friends back home. Not that I dont love my friends the entire same (wink). I bet all travelers agree with me right! 
I know most of us suffers from PTD real bad. Some recovers fast, other might take longer. The reason usually lies on how meaningful the trip really was that could actually make it hard to move on to the usual 9-5 routine. 
I have been looking for ways to beat this dark cloud and below are the methods I have used to counter them which hopefully will be useful to others and no, not binge eating (but that's how i look without the chips)!

1. Share your travel stories with your loved ones.
Im sure they are happy to hear the time where you got your things stolen by a monkey or the time you eat that exotic fruit whats-its-name with weird furry hair texture on it (Rambutan, Im looking at you). You will be more than happy to let it all out of your system.

2. Express your adventures. Read/Write/Post Photos
Sometimes telling all your travel tales to your friends and families can get a bit too annoying when you do it all the time. They might mistake it as bragging or you will feel a guilty conscience though for talking too much. 

Try to reflect on your trips by reading your travel journal. (I supposed you have one, if not never you mind.) Write about your adventures and share it on a social media platform, there are dozens of sites nowadays for you to document your travels! (you are reading on one now ;)) If your loved ones get bored with your stories, you share it with the world. Post photos of your travels and reminisce, relive and relief it away. 

3. Travel local
Explore your city, it might not be as thrilling being overseas but you will be surprised at what your city has to offer. This comes in handy when other travelers ask for tips to your hometown. It takes away a little bit of that nostalgic feeling when you are seeing new things while you are sort of traveling around.

4. Go on a short weekend get away or Day trips
Cross the border to the next country for a day trip or go on a short weekend getaway! Even though this isn't actually helping you but by going on a short trip will make you get ready to be back to normal life. BECAUSE....WHEN ELSE AGAIN ARE YOU GETTING A LONG HOLIDAY? Trips like this, however short can satisfy your travel lust and could last you any time between the next bank holiday or so. Though PTD will still occur but it will not be so much terrible with months long trip! 

5. Attend travel meetups.
Meet other travelers alike at your own city and swap travel stories. When you are with like minded people, you will feel better and realized that you are not the only one missing the need to travel again. Who knows, you will meet your future travel buddy here.

I did this for a few times, going to meet ups and meeting other travelers from social medias to swap stories and get tips from them for my future travels. I get to make new friends that shares the same passion as me and getting good advice from them. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

6. Catch up with your loved ones.
Go out, have breakfast, tea break, lunch, dinner and supper with your loved ones. Catch up with them in reality with proper life updates. Not the ones you see from Facebook status, Tweets and Instagram photos. Get back to reality *snap fingers*, slowly get into the swing of things.

7. Plan your next adventure
What's more fun than to plan where you are heading next. This surely keep you occupied for months and its the most exciting part before the next trip. All the researching, getting contacts, booking flights and etc will make you forget about the last one soon enough.

In summary, its really more about getting back to your routine life and staying busy before you get on to your next trip. In the mean time, appreciate the journey you have been through, think positive, be happy, get active and stay healthy. Trust me, THERE WILL BE A NEXT TRIP and remember, you are not the only one. If you have more ways to overcome this, feel free to share it. 


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