Sandy, the girl i met at the beach the day before told me about Thap Ba / Po Nagar Cham Towers. She told me that if i love Angkor Wat then i might love to see the ruins of Thap Ba. I have never been to Angkor Wat in Cambodia so it will be truly interesting to see the ruins over here.

Let's side tracked for a second here; I don't know why but Vietnamese seem to like giving 2 names on a place or is it just me being over observant? Like....Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City.....Dai Nam Theme Park/ Suoi Tien Amusement Park. Well i might be wrong so don't quote me on that.

I took about a 40 minutes walk along the strip to get to the other side near the Cai River. From there i took a 3 minutes ride towards a hill at the left corner, don't judge me....i got tired of walking and this Xe Om driver just appeared next to me. I haggled half the amount he quoted so.....go Liya!

Truly, Thap Ba Po Nagar has quite an amazing view from the top. Po Nagar is a Cham temple founded way back and it is dedicated to the goddess of the country, Yan Po Nagar. For 21 000 vnd without a guide, there were little museum atop the hill for you to find out about the temple ruins.

Here is a funny story, when i was chilling out under the hot sun at the bench, there was this local guide whom started speaking to me in Vietnamese. I let him finished his long sentence until i gave him a questionable face and said 'Huh?' Upon realizing that I wasn't local, he apologised to me and translated what he spoke to me about. He introduced himself as a tour guide in English and he was initially asking me why I wasn't fully covered and told me that I will get dark. He was surprised to see a local trying to get tan. Locals here always covered themselves up as long as they don't get exposed to the sun. We had a bit of a chat along with some tourist that followed him before he moves on.

I continued sitting at the bench and people-watched till I got bored. There was a cultural dance being performed and many locals performing their prayers there. Well, visiting the ruins was worth it to me! Now I can't wait to see Angkor Wat!

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