No, this is not an article to motivate you to sell everything in your possession and travel. But it can be if you think that way. Everybody wants to travel but money seems to always be the problem. Yes, that also includes saving your own money. Often i asked myself how i am going to survive overseas without spending a bomb. Many trials and error later, i have gotten a hold on it. So i will be sharing with you a few valuable tips on how to travel cheaply.

1. Buy your tickets in advance.
Especially on sale periods and also if you wish to travel on festival/public days. Prices will sure hike up. Do take note that some airlines have travel periods during their sales.

2. Buy a 1 way ticket and leave from another country. 
This is a definite trial and error that i did. You can fly in from one destination, do an overland trip and leave from another destination. Just make sure you have enough traveling time of at least 2 weeks etc. Plus you get to explore different parts of the world while at it.

3. Carry-on your luggage.
Travel light and bring only what you need. You will save a few bucks when you don't checked in your luggage and have a hassle free walking in and out of the airport.

4. Take public transport.
Instead of taking taxis & shuttle buses, take a public bus or check out the area if they offer free buses. Some states do provide free buses that takes you around popular areas. Instead of paying $15 for a shuttle bus, you can take it for free around the city!

Other options: Hitch Hiking

5. Stay in a hostel. 
Hostels can cost a gazillion times cheaper than a fancy hotel. They provide the basic necessities that you need like a bed, shared toilet, common room - and if you are lucky - even a kitchen! New friends included! Instead of paying $50 a night for a room that you will not fully utilize for your trip (you are just sleeping in for 8 hours right?), book a hostel dorm bed as cheap as $8. Of course there are pros & cons for both but if you are traveling alone, this is also a good choice for you to socialize with other travelers.

Other options: Air Bnb | CouchSurfing

6. Set a daily budget.
Budget your spending per day. Example; travel for $30 a day. Including food and transportation. By setting a budget, you will know where your money is going. That extra left overs can bring forward for the next day or if you overspend than you will have to be careful for the next day.

7. Cook your own meal.
Buy your groceries at the market and cook it in your apartment/hostel. You can save more by not dining out.
If you have to eat out, don't eat at high end restaurants when you can eat something similar at the local diners around the corner of your hostel.

8. Free Guided Walks/Walking Tours.
Check out free guided walks or tours on attractions sites, in your hostel or tourist information center. Some parks offer free guided walks while some attraction sites offer free walking tours at public-access area.

9. Make your own tour.
Walk around areas - usually cities - that have attractions sites within distance. Don't waste your money taking cheap city tours when you can do it on your own.

10. Don't buy souvenirs
Don't! Forget about that fine China vase you saw in the streets going for $400. Do you really need it? Get a postcard or a fridge magnets for yourself and loved ones. It cost way cheaper.


  1. Informative and inspiring, worth sharing thank you!

  2. Good tips, buying tickets in advance, setting a daily budget and cooking your own meal. If you have tight budget but you love traveling, you can use those tips. - Nucali


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