The last time i was in Kuala Lumpur, it was just a weekend trip with my friends and i thought why not spend a little bit more time here. This time, i booked a flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur for a day (long transit) before i head back to Singapore. All in the name of a Kway Teow (a type of noodle dish) i craved so badly and also to visit some districts that i missed out.

There were a few tell tale signs that shows my trip to KL will be a disaster. You know, when you suddenly trip at the door on your way out of the house, you will die. Superstitions and bad omens. Whatever you called it. I don't really believe in all that but it may or may not contribute to my nightmare in KL. HOW CAN A NIGHTMARE EVEN HAPPEN BEFORE THE TRIP BEGAN RIGHT? Here's the story:

Before the trip
5 minutes after i booked my ticket, i realized that it was on the wrong date. I was supposed to fly off Saturday evening from Penang and leave KL the next afternoon. Well, i booked it on a Friday so i quickly rectify the situation and changed the date. With a fee. I had to pay for it. Its my own fault so keep calm and move on.

I then realized that my flight will land at Subang Airport (SZB) and not in KLIA. I googled it up and felt a little bit stupid for a minute because i didn't check my details properly. Without further ado, i contacted a friend i made in KL on my last trip. Afiq offered to pick me up at Subang Airport and drive me to my hostel. Phew! Thank God, i was saved by this wrath.

During the trip
Its Saturday. Weather have not been on my side. Its been raining all day. Another backpacker that i met in Hatyai, Sam, was also departing but to Singapore that evening. Our flight timing differs by half an hour so we decided to go to the airport together. Before that, i met up with a cafe owner in Georgetown and he showed us around the area before we took a rest in his cafe.

We took the bus to the airport from the interchange near a mall. The bus was so packed like sardines and i have to fend of an Indian National (Probably a foreign worker by his accent, behavior and the company he had in the bus). He was making me uncomfortable in the bus and touched my butt a few times. I turned and gave him a good scolding which he probably don't understand either! I also ended up talking to another traveler in the bus and we were sharing stories about Krabi VS Phuket VS Bali.

As the bus drove on into the sunset, i got a bit worried that i might not make it into the flight! I need to check in my bag as well. Sam and i suddenly felt uneasy and was praying that we will not miss both our flights back. Then, i came to another realization that my flight will obviously depart from a domestic terminal and Sam's will be at the international terminal. I assume that it will be at 2 different place. That even worries me more. We reached the airport 20 minutes before take off and both of us ran to find our check in counter. Oh great! I couldn't find Malindo Air's counter so i asked another flight counter which told me to go all the way to the back. So......i ran.

Huffing and puffing at the empty counter. I approached the staff and asked if i was too late to send my bag into the plane.
"Are you on the 8:10pm flight?" he asked.
"Oh no! The next one." i replied.
"Okay, i thought you are on that one as the flight is closing. Your IC please?"
"Huh? IC? I'm from Singapore." hands in my passport while the ground staff chuckle.
"Phew! I thought i was late." i gave a quick sigh of relief and quickly said my good byes to Sam.

I entered the Domestic terminal and then waited for my flight to board. 20 minutes later, i am still sitting there in the cold. Flight delayed for 1 hour. AWESOME!

1 hour later
Flight delayed for another 1 hour. Wow! I don't believe this. Sam is already on his way home and i am still here. I called my hostel to inform them that i will arrive late at about 1 am.

Still raining and waiting........the rain still pouring and i watched other passengers boarding their flight back to wherever they are heading. I wondered why my flight is not yet ready for boarding.
I found out soon enough. The plane i took was a 4-seater jet. 2 on each side and i could guess about less than 50 people can fit into it. They even served me peanuts and plain water. The flight was less than 1 hour.

Upon landing, i rushed out of the airport and waited for Afiq to pick me up at the pickup point. The airport was closed and lights were switched off the minute i turned around to look inside. I waited outside quietly as the airport became dim.

30 minutes later, i found myself in the car heading towards another nightmare that awaits me.

To be continued.........

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