I am in love with Penang. Its true! I never expected Malaysia to be this cool, well the North of Malaysia. Such a trendy city with lots of things to do, see and eat. You will never get bored around this island. A vibrant mix of modern and ancient building, Georgetown, listed as WORLD UNESCO HERITAGE SITE is nothing but short of amazing.

As a Singaporean at heart, i love to eat. So its a no bueno if i don't try the amazing food in Penang. Most people go to Penang because of the food and i have to agree the food is marvelous.

Damn those Nasi Kandar was good. I was pretty reluctant in eating them because the gravy was overflowing through my plate. This new mate of mine told me that you have to eat them with the gravy that way and mix it all up like some kind of mush with your bare hands.

People back home knows that i don't really like to eat with my hands but i just have to do this out of respect and appreciation and i love it. I fall in love with a plate of Nasi Kandar. I'm craving for more! I also had the chance to try their "Roti Bakar" for breakfast soaked with eggs. Oh my gosh, that tasted heavenly.

Nature was next in my list of things to see and do while i was here. I managed to visit the National Park and Penang Hill to feed my nature loving soul.

Taman Negara
 I managed to get lost and hike through Taman Negara Pulau Pinang. It is the smallest National Park in Malaysia! It took about 3 hours for me to get to the beach from the long and tiring hike and it rained like crazy the whole time. Took a jetty back with other travelers from France for 70 Ringgit. That is kind of cheap as we were about a group of 6 so we could split the fare compared to the 50 Ringgit for 2 at the main entrance. 

Penang Hill
I also visited Bukit Bendera also known as Penang Hill. Something similar to the Peak in Hong Kong. You can choose to hike or take the tram up the hill. They say,"You've NEVER been to Penang unless you've been to Penang Hill!" It's amazing!

The largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia, Kek Lok Si Temple is situated at the bottom of Air Itam Mountain in Georgetown. It is also a center for Chinese culture and Buddhist teachings. You will love every inch of this temple and the amazing view it has to offer. So peaceful and you enter for free! *Again, i love free things*

No city is complete without its own graffiti on the wall. In Georgetown, you can find it in almost every corner. It is the talk of the town and many travelers and locals come here to see it. There is even a walking and cycling tour for that. You can go and hunt them down!

Go on! Visit Penang and have your own story to tell. While you are at it, why not watch my 16 hours of compilation in Penang. In a day. Gosh, that was tiring by the way. Penang, you are amazing and honestly a very big thumbs up with the food! I LOVE IT and until this day still crave for a decent Nasi Kandar. Stay tuned for more post on my time in Penang!

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