You Are Allowed To Be Selfish Travelers

When i go traveling, i am frequently disturbed by messages coming from my families and friends. They are constantly informing me of problems happening back home and sometimes i wish they could resolve it themselves without me. I feel obliged to reply to their constant texts until one time i got so annoyed. I switch off my data and my "Last Seen" on WhatsApp. I know that it seems to be quite a drastic move. I feel like no one is letting me be happy on a vacation. I never thought i could behave this way. Sounds selfish?

I have to be selfish in life. Yes, it is selfish to put my happiness first. Isn't it? I have to think about other people's happiness right? WELL, NOT ALL THE TIME. IT IS HOW IT IS. Accept me for what i am and let me choose my way of happiness. But that also does not mean that i literally ignore my responsibilities back home.

Sometimes we need time alone to sort out our priorities and let people learn to be independent without you for a bit.


You are allowed to be selfish travelers.

You have a pure heart and intention to travel the world. It is already in you, the more you resist the urge, the more depressed you become! You deserve to be happy right? You go on searching for cheap flight tickets and planning on your next travel destination - every single day. You tell your loved ones that you are leaving the next weekend to somewhere across the world. Oh, sometimes their response doesn't sound too favourable especially when you have a conservative family. To add up, you realized its your brother's birthday or your best friend's engagement. You missed life events that could be unforgivable to the other party but hey! - you are enjoying yourself and educating yourself about the world with your own hard earned money. Its like you are having your own wedding just that not everyone is invited to see it. IT IS YOUR OWN LIFE EVENT.

You have the power to spend your money however you choose.You don't have to buy souvenirs for people especially what we called as second degree friends or even colleagues. 

You don't have to send that postcards to people whom won't treasure it. You don't have to. You don't have to eat "fancy" looking meals at high end restaurants with your traveling companion if you don't feel like it. You don't have to break your bank and shop to your heart's content especially when you know you could put the money into your travel account. You don't have to take on the city tour when you can walk on your own. You don't have to flag a cab when you can take the bus. 

You don't have to fill your void by walking into clubs but seeing the buskers performed down the street. You can scrimp and save on your accommodations, go camping or couchsurfing - whatever. You can count every penny you have wisely. Best part is, you don't have to share your junk cheap ass canned food with anyone else. Or that $200 5-course meal you had in a lavish restaurant. You can choose to buy experience the way you want it.

There is so much "You don't" and "You can". There is no right or wrong answer. Who you travel with, who you rejected, who you will leave in the middle of it. You have a choice. 

And sometimes, the only way to effectively enjoy travel is to detach yourself from the past and things back home. 

You are allowed to do all this. Yes, travel is selfish. Its a personal thing and only other travelers understand it. So the next time someone come  up to you and tell you that you are selfish, tell them that you deserved it and they can continue being a jerk. SORRY NOT SORRY.

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  1. I believe, I need this kinda assurance more than anything. I'm 27 and havent seen any parts of the world except my own country. I feel responsible to cater my family needs every time and put my desire to travel second. It costs me depression, dissatisfaction towards my own self. Thank you Liya.


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