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"You need a visa to enter Australia." a friend told me at least 3 weeks before my trip to Perth. Considering the fact that Singapore ranked 5th in travel freedom for the 2nd consecutive year as reported here by Channel News Asia, I was surprised because i had overlooked on the visa requirements to enter Australia. It was really an "Oh crap!" moment for me. I thought the whole process will take about a month or so but i managed to do it within a day!

For Australia, there are two types of visa. The ETA (Eletronic Travel Application) and Visa Application via Physical submission. ETA can be applied online through an authorized travel agent. You do not need a physical stamp on your passport if you have an ETA as your visa details will be link at their immigration side. There are tourist visa, visitor ETA and also short validity business ETA so be sure to know your purpose of travel. I would definitely recommend the ETA option at this modern age.

I applied my visa through this website here. My visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. It was a seamless process. The cost of my visa? Only SGD $10! I know some agents charged more but so far this is the cheapest that was recommended by a friend.

All i had to do was fill up the application forms with all the important details that is needed. Once my visa is confirmed, i paid for the visa and they send me the ETA via email. Its so easy! Upon receiving the visa, please check all the details that is stated in your ETA especially your birth year and passport number. Print out your ETA and bring it to the airport. Now you can enjoy your trip to Australia! 

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