Hiking up to Phi Phi Viewpoint

As some of you may know, i went back to Phi Phi island, Thailand. Phi Phi Island is actually located in Krabi Provinces and many people mistaken it to be in Phuket. If you were coming from Phuket, it will take you 2 hours to reach Phi Phi Island but only 1 hour (if you are lucky) from Krabi. This time, i stayed over in the island and hike up to Phi Phi's Viewpoint. It was a good hike early in the morning. The hike started at about 5 am. I did not sleep the night before as i am afraid i won't be able to wake up. The hike took a good 30 minutes long and once we reached the peak, it was just in time for the sunrise. Beautiful blue and purple streaks colored the sky as the sun is rising.The smell of fresh nature filled the air and the sound of birds surround me. There was not much people on top and we pretty much got a lot of space for ourselves.

Do take note that you have to pay 25-30 baht (i think, can't remember) to enter the view point. The area is well taken care of by the residents staying uphill. At the view point, you can buy some refreshments at a small mart to fill up your tummy for your descend and have a rest there.
Remember, before you leave the area and on your hike down, please do not leave any rubbish strewn around and keep the area safe and clean for other hikers. Be careful not to slip on your way down or hurt your ankles. Even though the slopes are not that steep but its bumpy and there's many twist and turns. Ultimately, you are going to enjoy the view and that will take away all your tiredness away! I would do this again anytime, maybe for the sunset.  

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