New In Saigon: Walking Street

The other day, i went back to Saigon to meet up with a few friends of mine that i made on my last few previous trip. Ah, i miss Saigon so much. As you can already tell that i am practically obsessed with this country. Eric told me that there is a new attraction site called "The Walking Street". It is located right in front of the municipal building.

The Walking Street now also features a brand new statue of Ho Chi Minh. The atmosphere here in the night was really relaxing, this is the time where the locals come out to chill. picnic (i know, picnic at night? the irony.), bring their family out for breeze walking and also enjoying the view leading to the Saigon River.

There were some constructions going on both sides of the road to make way for trains. It seems like they are building something similar to the MRT station in Singapore etc. So, looks like Saigon is about to move the next level up with train systems in place. I wonder how it is like with a country that relies on motorbikes 90% of the time. This is definitely a good place to chill out when you come by Saigon next time!


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