Pulau Ubin : Escaping the Urban City

Once in a while, we get suffocated living in the busy city. Time moves so fast and what is better than a short escape that does not cost a lot of money! Pulau Ubin is located at the eastern part of Singapore and home to one of the last villages in Singapore. This island is a perfect place to bond with family and friends over nature.

Take a bus to Changi Village and walk towards the public jetty near the beach.
A ticket to Ubin Island cost you $3 one way. It was $2.50 before this.The boat usually departs when there is 12 people on the queue otherwise you have to wait. The duration of the boat ride is about 15 minutes only.


Most people go to Ubin Island to cycle and hike. When you reach the island, there are many bicycle shops near the jetty available for rental. The price for a small bike starts from $5 and bigger bikes starts from $7 onwards. Newer bikes cost $15. Cheaper ones usually means older bikes. I took the cheaper ones and it works fine. Be sure to do a test cycle and don't forget to check the brakes and wheels before you leave the shop. There are many trails in Ubin Island so just check out the map available every few meters away to guide you through.

One of the views on "Sensory Trail"
We don't have high mountains in Singapore but if we see a hill, we feel quite blessed. So head towards Puaka Hill which is the highest peak (74m tall) in Ubin Island. The hike is suitable for all beginners and age group. In about 15 minutes or so you will reach the peak with an amazing view of the granite quarry.
A quirky sign board on our way to Puaka Hill.

This was the view that greeted me at the top. Beautiful isn't it?

Don't forget to stop by Chek Jawa Wetlands, it is a must see sites for most travelers. Unfortunately, the few times that i went to Chek Jawa Wetlands, the water tide is high therefore i am not able to witness the wetland treasures hidden inside. So to avoid disappointment, check the tides table here for the year 2015. Alternatively, you can check out Nparks website for more details. Enjoy the coastal boardwalk which will lead you to the mangrove swamp and a 20 metre tall Jejawi Tower. You will also come across House No 1 with its own jetty at the waterfront.

There are other activities such as kayaking and fish spa that is available. Just stop by Celestial Ubin Beach Resort and check them out. I got a deal coupon from Deals.com.sg at $10 for both activities when i went last year. You could check out Groupon/Deals Singapore etc for this activities on discounted price.

For those who wonder, NO, you don't need a passport to go to Pulau Ubin. Technically, you are still in Singapore. Only Singapore Dollars is accepted here, well duh. Ideal time to come will be early in the morning so you can spend the whole time exploring the island. Weekends are good as there are Seafood restaurants are available in the island and prices might not be so fancy for your pocket. You are advised to eat your breakfast at Changi Village and get your snacks and bottled drinks from the mainland. Please don't forget to throw your rubbish in the bin. 

Remember, just take photographs and leave your footprints behind.

Total spend: $6 (2 way tickets) + $8 (Bicycle) = SGD $14


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