A Quick Guide: Fremantle

Fremantle, also known as Freo is not just another suburb in Western Australia. In actual fact, it is a city by itself and its very accessible from Perth. Freo is bursting with creativity and history in every corner that i turn. The city contains well preserved buildings and heritage features that dates back to the 19th century. It is also filled with cool cafes and street arts as well. Here's a quick guide to some of the awesome cool stuff you can do in Freo!

Getting to Fremantle:
If you are heading to Fremantle, it is most likely you are staying in Perth. You can take the train and hop onto the Fremantle Railway Line. Fremantle is the last stop on the Fremantle Railway Line from Perth City. You can also take the ferry and bus too. Check out their transportation website here for schedules etc : Transperth

In Fremantle: 
There are free CAT buses that takes you around places of interest in Freo. You can just hop off whenever a stop interest you! 

Love to explore market cultures? 
Head down to Fremantle Markets. Built in 1897, this historic building is thriving with great stalls inside. Take a peek at the local produce, fresh fruits and vegetables and also local shops selling popular delicacies and handicrafts. The market is divided into The Yard and The Hall, only open during the weekends so be sure to check out their website on updates for the opening hours during the holidays here.
Want to get cheap trinkets and souvenirs?
I GOT YOU COVERED! Check out E-Shed Markets. The cheapest place to get your souvenirs for family and friends back home. Not even in the streets of Freo and Perth can beat the price in this market here!
 A history buff? 
The Maritime Museum will get you fix in no time! Explore and learn more about the maritime history of Australia and the port city, Fremantle. Get to know more about their fleets of amazing boats and its uses during the olden days. Flash your student pass and get a discount for the entrance ticket.
 Love to travel in time? Let's go to prison!
Yep, you read that right! Visit Fremantle Prison! The Fremantle Prison tour is the most interactive tour i ever done - in a prison. The guide takes you back to the early days of the prison and then fast forward to what it is now. You will be amazed that the whole construction of the prison is built by prisoners themselves. Such hard work! P.s: You have to go on the tour, there is no way you can d.i.y this sadly.
Oh! So now you are hungry?
Craving for the best thing in town? Take the CAT bus to the fishing harbour where you can find rows of restaurants competing with this sentences: Best Fish & Chips in Town and the likes. My pick was Cicerello's restaurant! Touted to be the W.A's No 1 Fish & Chips, you have to give this a try! 
Want to take a walk?
Don't be surprised, the beach is just nearby the fishing harbour! Take a breather at Bathers Beach and walked up to the lookout point. The view? AMAZEBALLS! Just cross the road and you will find yourself immerse in a few heritage trails along the beach. You will be spoilt for choice!
Snacks maybe?
A little bird (sorry, i meant a local) told me that the Churros in Freo is to die for! So stop by San Churros on your way back to the train station. Pick up a box of Churros with your favourite dippings and munch away. Price can be a bit steep but this is truly the best real Churros i ever tasted.

There you go! All there is to fill up your time in Freo - where the cool kids chill ;) Love this quick guide? Know anyone heading to Western Australia? Share it with your friends! Look out for more Quick Guides as i explore the world especially from me to you! Safe travels x

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