My First AirBnB Experience in Australia

I first found out about AirBnB a year ago when i just started traveling. The idea of staying in someone's apartment feels as if i am living like a local. The idea is very appealing to me and i really wanted to give it a try but have not found a suitable country to do this.

Alas, i finally did it on my trip to Perth in August. I never thought that i would actually use AirBnB because i usually book my accommodations in hostel/hotel. This time, i decided to spice things up and experiment a little bit. I was traveling with my best friend for the first time and so we booked an apartment in Perth. Initially, we wanted to stay in a hotel but it was way too expensive for us and we realized that the hostel dorms cost almost the same as an apartment in Perth as well. We decided on the latter plus it comes with our own privacy. We had a room to ourselves in said apartment.

The process was very easy and almost seamless. I picked an apartment of my choice, read their terms & conditions and house rules. Once i'm happy with it, i paid for the accommodations. Do note that different host have different rules and you should read up if they requires you to put in a deposit and laundry fee. Best bet is to get an "Instant Book" accommodation from your host so you can get instant confirmation easily.
My Host contacted me shortly after i made my booking and gave me some tips before coming to Perth. He advised me on the type of clothes i should bring as it is almost winter time and how to get to his place. Everything went smoothly before check-in.

I reached his place at about evening due to flight delay and it was already dark. Luckily, a friend of my mum came to fetch us and contacted my host. We were shown around the house and also showed us how to lock the door. (We were locked out a few times thereafter. Lol!) Our shared bathroom were clean and no odd smell. We can use the kitchen and also watch TV in the small living room. Good thing is that there were refrigerator, one for each room. So there is 4 rooms in the house = 4 refrigerators! My host kindly provide towel and soap as well. How thoughtful! Wifi is provided as well. Our kitchen & living room area was very clean and well maintain. We didn't use any of the amenities provided except for the refrigerator to keep our food.

The location of our listing is very strategic. A walk down the street will lead you to a mall and also a bus stop that brings you to the city. A lot of restaurants lined up the main street as well. The train station(s) is quite near but you need some time to navigate the area.

Overall, my AirBnB experience was great. It was very comfortable and i felt right at home. I would definitely use AirBnB again for a unique local experience besides Couchsurfing.

Have you used AirBnB before? How was your experience? Share it with me!

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