2015 is an amazing year full of achievements! Many things happen for the past few months which felt like a blur. More new adventures, friends, opportunities, experiences and countries. Revisiting old friends, on a spontaneous trip with strangers on the road and visiting a new continent during winter!
I struggled with leaving (school, work, life), lost some friends, gain some more from all over the world......months past by like lightning. Next thing i know, i bought another flight ticket out. Its been pack, leave, repeat until i have not a cent in my bank account. I was featured a lot in travel sites, public Instagram accounts & also featured in a magazine. Sounds pretty fun and exhausting isn't it!

Here's a wrap up of my top 15 travel photos in 2015.

1. Perth, Western Australia
New continent - Checked - New country - Checked - First Winter experience (no snow though) - Checked!! Taken at the Crawley Edge Boatshed just months after the minor collapse of this beautiful thing here.

2 Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 
This is where i'm from, my mother land. I depart from the world's best airport (3rd year running) and feel proud about it. Majulah Singapura! This photo is rather special and pretty iconic amongst most travelers in Singapore as we all love posing in front of the oldest flap display here. Only a number of this flap display is operated in the world. 

3. Nambung National Park, Australia
Traveled with my bestfriend to this magical place in Western Australia and loving the view so much! Fell in love with vast greeneries in Nambung National Park and this was the only day in Australia during the cold season that is actually on the reasonable type of cold. *Phew* Takes out one layer of clothing.

4. Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand
Witnessing an incredible piece of golden temples in Bangkok and all of the visitors were also in awe as i do. Felt so lucky to be able to see such a beautiful place of worship. 

5. Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong
Spontaneous birthday trip in November that must end with one of my favourite signature pose! Of course! By now, i already have an obsession of this pose already.

6. The road to the Peak, Hong Kong
Got lost to find the cheapest way to the peak and was full of sweat. Rushed to the Peak to catch the sunset but were barely in time and stop by at the long winding road uphill for this view. I guess not even the sunset will wait for me :P

7. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Stepping foot into the Kingdom of Cambodia and watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap is probably one of the best highlight of the year for me. Even to the point that the devils came to take my soul away (more on that soon!)

8. Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Roaming the streets of Hong Kong where everything looks almost the same everywhere you turn. Here, i witness the morning market buzz on my way for brunch. Want to see more of Hong Kong? Click here.

9. Lantau Peak, Hong Kong
One my achievements for the year 2015 is climbing Lantau Peak. The second highest summit in Hong Kong with an elevation of 934m. I sure felt happy and proud of hiking the Phoenix mountain.

10. Puaka Hill, Pulau Ubin, Singapore
Its time i revisited a memorable place during my school days, located 30 minutes away from Singapore. I discover Puaka Hill and was excited to hike this baby mountain. You might want to read all about it here.

11. Sunrise, Western Australia
It was a long day - really long day - because of a flight delay and missing seats on the plane. Such a ruckus but to see this outside the window after all that.....was relieving. Just another kind of beautiful.

12. Maya Bay, Krabi, Thailand
My second time here but with a different experience and a different kind of view. I love how magical the island is form through low tides and high tides. Amazing time spend in the beautiful island of Thailand.

13. Chinatown, Singapore
This particular photo has gone all over the social media since Chinese New Year in February. It was featured across popular accounts in Singapore and also made it into Her World Singapore Magazine December 2015 issue! I was so proud of it! I went back to the Buddha Relic Temple in Chinatown to visit these famous four uncles the other day.

14. Georgetown, Penang
The UNESCO heritage town that i truly adores with well preserved buildings and a combination of street arts around the corner. Gallivanting around here is probably one of the top things travelers will want to do. You will never get bored with endless surprises in every corner you take, there's always a cool themed cafe here or a vintage shop there and graffiti everywhere. Here is a post i dedicated for why i love Penang and you should too!

15. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
My darling city. You would have known it by now if you ever come across my love letter to Vietnam here. Revisiting this city and meeting friends that i have left behind, made me fall in love with it more. Such a mystery, always a mystery. See you again!

Wow, what an awesome year it have been! How about your 2015? Did anything adventurous or totally new? Let me know! Cheers to the new year and hoping 2016 be filled with more adventures for you and i! Ciao!

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