I can hear sigh of relief as you are about to read Part 3 of my Nightmare in Kuala Lumpur series. I am sure i was behind time to build up the suspense of this 3-part series and many of you have kept on asking about it. If you are new here, don't feel a little lost yeah. Read the first part here & second here.

With no place to stay, it is second nature to find shelter (Maeslow's Hierarchy of Needs applies here). Afiq and his friend drove around town at 2-3am in the morning to find me a good ol place to seek shelter in. Prices came out pretty steep at almost 100 Ringgit and i was just going to take a rest for awhile so it was not worth it for me. I called a number of hostels and 99% were fully booked. Well, duh. 

Alas, we found a cheap hotel at 40 Ringgit. It  was dodgy looking with olden furnishings like those in the creepy kind of Chinese movies. I didn't bat an eye and - rejected it. I told Afiq to give up and we go straight to Danau Kota for Mali's Kway Teow. It's my favourite Kway Teow shop in KL (p.s i do know some of the locals telling me i can find better tasting ones). Oh, thanks Afiq for the free supper! It was delicioso! 

After catching up, i started to get really sleepy and suggested we chill out at the Twin Towers. I ended up sleeping by the staircase facing the security guards. Most beautiful night in front of an iconic building. 

A few hours? maybe minutes later? I woke up. Feeling very cranky and moody, i had to abandon my idea of getting breakfast at Kampung Baru & walking around Petaling Street. ALL I WANTED WAS TO LEAVE. I check online for the earliest train to the airport and voila! The earliest was about 4am and so i make my way to the station quickly. Hop on the KLIA Ekspress and feeling a bit perked up, hoping to see the sunrise from the 20 minutes train ride. 

Well, guess what? I fell asleep. 20 minutes later i see myself tumbling over luggage and bled my fingers as i sprint out of the train. I had almost miss my stop. I let out a sigh of relief as i stepped into the airport..............just to find out..............

I was in the wrong terminal.

GREAT! At this point of time, i was pretty pissed off with myself. Drag myself back to the train station and paid an additional fare to the correct airport. Showered at the airport lounge and catch some sleep. Thank God!

I then woke up a few hours later to a beautiful view right in the airport and that reminds me of why i love traveling so much. Despite the ups and downs, the sunrise will always be there to kick start my day fresh and happy. Here's the amazing view: 

With that, thank you for reading my journey and look out for the next series of adventures that i am going to share really soon! Here's a quote for you all aspiring travelers to seize the day:


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