"This should be in my bucket list!" Often hear yourself saying that while looking at beautiful destinations? I am pretty sure this resonates within the wanderlust spirit in us. So today the wanderlust spirit in me decided to put it into a post that i will want to look back when i am out of places to go.


1. Iceland
I was really really really inspired by the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" of which some of the scenery are shot in Iceland. It got me pretty obsessed with everything that has got to do with well.............Iceland.

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2. Mongolia
Eagle hunting, sleeping in huts, riding on camels. Ah! Everything i want to do. I shall walk the earth one fine day that i have finally did the Trans Siberian route.

3. Peru, South America
Believe it or not, my love for Peru was instilled in me when i was just 8 years old! I was watching Emperor's New Groove, an animated movie released in 2000 about a young emperor Kuzco transformed into a LLAMA (AH THEY ARE SO CUTE!!) and of course, it shows the animated scenery of Peru. NOT TO FORGET MACHU PICCHU TOO!

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4. South Africa
If you think Lion King is the inspiration that went into this bucket list, you are right! Its funny that we see animals that is term as dangerous frolicking around happily in an animated cartoon. One of the reasons was also because i really wanted to watch the sunset and sunrise from Table Mountain.

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5. New York
Did i save the best for the last? The world kept calling it "The city that never sleeps." I wonder how true to its word. Imagine walking the cold streets of New York and spotting places in drama series like Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Friends etc!

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