The REALITY of long bus rides

I am a fan of writing post about long journey buses if you have not realized so this particular one is no different. Buses are my favorite form of transport but not all is pleasant. Here i will share with you all my thoughts in the bus at some periodic moments that i encountered.

1. Cheap and fast transport are super real.
"Its an 8hr bus ride in a mini van at 8 usd. That's cheap and fast compared to the 13 hour ride on a luxurious sleeper bus for 15 usd to the same destination!"

How could that possibly be? How can a mini van cut the transportation time  5 hours less than it actually is? Is this some kind of sorcery that i don't know about? Most of us get eaten up at this quick thinking but truth be told - you actually sat in there for 15 hours. Never believed something like this ever.

2. Hotel bed with a condition.
"We are getting on a hotel bus. Yay! At least its not a sleeper bus. We can have proper beds and actually lie down 180 degrees flat."

Oh yeah it sure is a hotel bus right to a T. We have got beds and whoever got the last one at the back is the luckiest and the unluckiest human being in the world. Well why? Because that's where all the goods are stock at the bottom. Fishes, frozen meats, beers, petrols etc and they don't smell good on a long ride honey.

3. Free wifis are false advertisements.
"There is wifi in the bus!!! I can update on my social medias and do some work on my laptop! Yay to productive and smart me."

Uhmm. Last time i checked, nothing is really free in this world except for free samples. Yeah i have come to use shit wifi in the bus and get work done before but mostly 99% of the time the wifi is by far the best ever. They have their wifi username and password on the bus and its able to detect into the network connection BUT wtf i can't even load a single shit. Thanks for giving my hopes up, i was looking forward to entertaining myself.

4. Rest stops are for men.
"Oh we will passing this town and therems a rest stop, maybe we can get some snacks and pee." 

No!!! Ladies....those rest stops are for the boys to wee in the bushes. If you like your privacy, bring a towel to cover yourself while you pee inside the rainforest. I had to hold my pee for the longest time and it is terrible. Just remember to come back quickly or they will leave you. Oh, pick up some leaves as well, it makes a good snack.

5. Night buses are actually buses from hell.
"We should totally get a night bus, that way we can save our time and money for accomodations!"

Yes boo, that's so true! Do you also know these buses drive at dim lights yo no lights at all on the road? And in some cases they do drive at the opposite lane and the possibility of crashing head on is very real. Say your prayers. 

6. What makes you think you can sleep?
"So totally going to get a shut eye when i get on the bus!"

WHO SAID THAT? You will drift into sleeping mode for just a half an hour until you hear the sound of honks and bus jerking aggresively and you don't get to tell the bus driver to calm down.

7. Are we there yet?
"Are we there yet? x Infinity - 10minutes later - I think we will reach soon. - another 10minutes - Why are we still at the same road? - ANOTHER 10 minutes later - Ah i see a building! Civilians! Yes! Traffic lights!!!! Nearer! - after awhile - We will never get there!!!!!! *gives up and move on with life* "

It happens. We used words like this to assure us and reassure us repeatedly but we will never get there so why not sit back and relax.

This list is based on real life experience. If you think this list is true, give it a share. If you feel like adding more to it, comment below and i'll add it to my post!

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