The Departure: New Zealand

I was a mess up to the point of departure. There was way too many things to settle, errands to run and people to meet before i leave. Almost every day was filled with appointments or me running around getting last-minute items in preparation of my trip. My mind was not in the right place, often collided into a different realm. Where am i supposed to be now? What am i supposed to do later? Too many thoughts were running through my mind. I was having the worst pre-travel anxiety. 

It was a night flight to Melbourne, as a point of transit, before heading Auckland, New Zealand. A 7 hours 20 minutes flight and also one of my longest time in the air. That would justify why i was partly a nervous wreck. I was well prepared. In the most comfiest outfit - Adidas slacks and baggy shirt - i could have just come in my pajamas! Flying with Jetstar, on a 787 Dreamliner, everything was quite spacious for me not to have a panic attack. Like i said, i was well equipped. I did not buy Jetstar additional In-flight entertainment pack so i was not able to watch any "fun" shows on the PTV (Personal Tv) BUT i have my tablet filled with horror movies. Unfortunately, i wasn't bothered to switch it on so my travel buddy kindly let me hog her PTV. We spend the hours watching movies using my handy earphone split connector. Heh, got to be smart sometimes. 

Arrived Melbourne at 7am (Australia time). My body was beyond alive but walking out of that plane and into the cold air got me wondering......what is the weather, exactly? Well, well, was 17 degrees Celsius but i was dressing up for 34 degrees Celsius. Can't blame me but i was expecting a different weather in Auckland. I slipped on my daisy printed sweater purchased in Bangkok and found a good spot with bean bags!!! to sleep for the 4 hours i am inside transit.

I could feel the cold in my bones and was awoken by the first ray of sun light hitting through the massive window panes of the terminal. So much for sleeping well. Hunger pangs hit me and i went searching for the nearest cafe to feed myself. The most decent looking one was Hudsons Coffee and it had this very welcoming ambient towards it. So there i went, grab a classic cheese bagel and white chocolate cookie crumble. Spending: $9 AUD (Shuddup. Its expensive - but i needed it.) It was a nice chill out spot facing the window while enjoying my breakfast. And Yes, i'm one of those Asians that love taking flat-lays of my food. Don't judge.

4 hours was up, i'm waiting patiently at a secluded boarding area for my flight to Auckland. This time it was just a 3 hour flight. This should be easy. I had a so called good sleep and awesome breakfast, definitely filled up with energy. As my flight take off, the plane went into this beautiful sea of clouds. I was so mesmerized and then the magic happened. As it emerged out, i felt like i was already in heaven. Massive lands so vast you cannot imagine how far it stretched out of various terrains on land surface and little islands surrounding it. I swear i died at that moment.

 Landed in Auckland safely. Time was almost close to evening but i was ready for what's coming. Freya, the most awesome friend i met through the love of travel, greeted me with a long hug. It has been about - oh wait, we met 3 weeks back prior to this trip. If not it would have been 8 months!
There i was, in the Land of the Long White Cloud, trying to embrace the reality of being here. Still in disbelief that i managed to get a grip on my anxiety and survived the ordeal.

Alright New Zealand, you can show me what's up!

*Currently posting most of my NZ trip photos on Instagram.


  1. I Love You. Muah Ciked!

  2. Hey Liya. What was your review on Jetstar flights? I'm gg Melb end of year. Hope you cn help haha..

    1. Hello! I am quite comfy with Jetstar flights. Maybe because I find myself slightly small but I make do with my legroom spaces. Would you like to elaborate more on your question? I will try and make a post out of my preferences for sharing :)

    2. Thanks for the reply. Hehe. Well, I just wanna knw the after-sale service (if any) and how's the in-flight entertainment like? I wna compare & contrast this with Scoot.


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