Lantau Peak Hike : Stage 3 Trail

When i was in Hong Kong for my birthday trip, i just wanted to relax my mind and bask into the "mafia" atmosphere in the city. It was fun until i started to get dizzy with the people, lights, buildings, noises, small spaces, air pollution - i felt like i was being suffocated by all of these things. I know that i needed to get away from the place that i am getting away to. HA!

So i sat on my hostel bed and start searching for places to hike out of the main city - Victoria Peak does not count, my friends. Well......who knew, Hong Kong had the best of both worlds. Its not all about city lights and sky scrapers - they also have an abundance of mountains sitting discreetly behind all this chaos.

One of them is Lantau Peak or also known as Fung Wong Shan/Phoenix Mountain with an elevation of 934m. It is the second highest peak in Hong Kong, the highest point in Lantau Island and to add on, its has a twin peak opposite it called the Sunset Peak. There were other mountains that interest me too but my mind was set on this one. With not much information in hand and no specific directions to get to the mountain entrance - i still slept so well that night feeling excited for the hike.

The next day, in the early morning, i had my bag packed with snacks like energy bars, cereal bars, muffins, sweets, chips and lots of energy drinks and mineral water. I was staying in Tsim Sha Tsui so to get to Lantau Island i had to take the MTR.

From Tsim Sha Tsui MTR (Red Line), alight at Lai King MTR (Red Line) and switched to Yellow Line continue on the Yellow Line and exit at Tung Chung MTR (Yellow Line). Click to enlarge the image below.
Exit Tung Chung MTR and walk towards EXIT B. Do not go towards Ngong Ping 360 (That is your end destination of the hike), just walk towards the outdoor bus terminus. You will need to cross the road at least twice. Search for bus number 3M, located all the way to the end of the bus terminus. You don't have to pay cash on the bus, just tap on using your Octopus card.
Alight at Pak Kung Au. Just keep a look out at the bus signage in the front. Best to sit near the entrance. You will noticed a lot of hikers boarding and alighting on this bus as it drive through the mountain pass. Also, you are not allowed to speak to the bus driver when he is driving so keep your eyes open for your stop.
The bus will stop along the mountain pass and you will see two entrance. One on your left is the Sunset Peak and on your right, across the road is for Lantau Peak. You will see an engraved sign in Mandarin Characters (Pak Kung Au = God of Land) and a staircase behind it.
The first few minutes of the hike were paved with concrete stairs and we spotted a rest stop. Good for a stretch or two before continuing the journey up. Slowly concrete stairs become hard soil and slopes near to the edge of the mountain accompanied us for the next half hour or so. We continued on uphill and downhill as groups of people were running/jogging down our way. I never thought this could be a runner's playground. I would have do it everyday if i lived in Lantau Island. 
Lantau Peak is engulfed with a lot of pretty silver-grass therefore its a good photo opportunity for the hikers up here. The hike then continued on playing with our hearts. Some parts were gentler and thought that it was a good constant, it became steeper and we started climbing again and repeat.
Tung Chung town center can be seen from here and if you are lucky, a glimpse of the airport runway. The trail then becomes much more daunting, sending false hope over us. Every "peak" was just another steeper climb to another one.  The landscape also starts to change on every step that i took.
About 2 hours into the hike, we past by the last shelter before the summit and it was all the way steep climbing. From walking with our feet, we were gambling our life with our own steps, making sure we don't slip among rubble and big boulders until we were almost on all four limbs to climb up. The wind was so strong, grasping onto something tightly was our only human instinct - just in case we were blown off the mountain. Fat hope ha! Finally after much effort, we got to the summit.

Lingered for an hour or so, appreciating the nature in all its glory while having a quick snack before heading down. The descent is known to be dangerous and very steep. So hikers, please take care of your steps while going down as you do not want to fall off the mountain or hurt your knees. I very much almost busted it.

As you get lower down, you will be able to see two amazing landmarks from afar, that's where the trail ends. Not to forget, lesser layer of clothes as you experience overpowering heat during the approximately 1.5 hrs descend.

So, they always say, there's always a rainbow at the end of the storm - and that - altogether another story for me to share about the end of this amazing trail. Safe travels.

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