Postcard Stories : Wet Paper

That fateful afternoon after visiting the national mosque in KL, Malaysia. I was stuck in the heavy rain. No umbrella nor poncho. I waited for an hour and then decided to pop into this little souvenir shop near the entrance of the mosque. Well, what do i see? A 10 ringgit umbrella. By hook or crook, i had to buy it and leave. I am about 3 hours into my flight and could not stand the thought of missing my flight back to Singapore. But that wasn't the highlight of the trip (stupid things like this happen to me every time). The umbrella that i bought had a hole on it and then it broke. The most worrying part: This postcard was in my small bag. Imagine the sound of a little child's heart shattering.....well my heart shattered. I decided against buying a new one because this hold way too much memories. Now it sits nicely in my travel box, for someone to ask how did that happen.

*Postcard stories is a new thing that will be featured on my blog to show my appreciation for the postcard i received from other travelers and the ones that i got for myself with little snippets of the contents in it or a story behind it. Its pretty rare these days to have postcards being post to you when technology is much more advanced where you can easily just send photos to each other instantly. The gratification i get from receiving a thoughtfully written postcard is just amazing. I hope you will enjoy my future postcard stories. Safe travels. 


  1. great decision on not buying new postcards even its wet already.. priceless sentimental values

  2. Waiting for your next entry.
    Please infirm me once it is published.


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