*A long forgotten drafted post on my New Zealand trip*

Today was the day. Its inevitable however much I try to avoid it. I have already paid my ticket. Time to face my fear of height, this time at full throttle thrill. What was I thinking when I paid for the bungy? I was in fact hesitating the whole time, to jump or not to jump?

Only days after, the feeling of regret swarmed in. I tried not to let it deter me. I am bound to do this. If I could face my fears of other things, I'm sure this one will have to come to an end too. I started watching bungee jumping videos on youtube and convincing myself that if others can do it, i can do it too. All i need to do is just jump.

And the unthinkable happen...

Well, Liya lived to tell the tale kids.....

It took me great courage for this, i swear. I was the last few to jump as i weigh lighter (oh this gave me a self confidence boost!) My feet felt heavy, my hands are sweaty and every move i made towards the edge felt draggy. I was heavily strapped and felt like something was pulling me down. Jumpy music were blasting through my ears to energise me.....

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1"

And i stood still. Oh was i suppose to jump? Am i flying yet? Did i hit something along the way down? Why am i still standing here? I turned and asked one of the facilitators to push me instead but all they said was..."Its a bungee jump! You are suppose to jump on your own."
"Oh yeah, i paid for this right....." then it went again....

"5, 4, 3, 2......"

Everything muffled out as i went straight down towards the deep blue sea. A series of "What the fuck is going on?" and then the "Superman fist" because you are supposed to make sure you fall head down if you want to touch the water which is why i try to stop my body from going leg first and turn by force (i opted to touch it but i wasn't in the correct position to dip so there goes my chance.) Followed by screams and choking hahahha because my body is lunging down and to my surprise- it is still attach to my head is not in the right gravitational position and being stretched out in pain and then came the "Remember when you are down and swinging 1 and 2 - pull out the red rope with your strength, as hard as you could so you could get back to 180."

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And then i was back at the jump pod again.

What do you expect out of this post? Of course i jumped. I paid for it and i have nothing to lose except maybe my pride. Tsk.

Location of jump: Auckland Bridge (AJ Hackett Bungy) Price: 160 NZD
The jump wouldn't be made possible thanks to AJ Hackett and this post wouldn't be up thanks to AJ Hackett again for bringing me up in one piece.

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