Early Hike in Broga Hill

It seems like i'm about to start a new ritual of hiking on my birthday every year now. On my 24th birthday, i took a trip to KL and it won't be a satisfying trip without a mountain to hike. In this case, a hill. As much as i am aware that Broga Hill or also known as Bukit Lalang is quite a popular hiking spot among students and families, there must be a reason to it. It was easy, fun and the views are so lively. It wouldn't hurt to give it a try!

I woke up as early as 4:30am and waited for a friend to pick me up. We drove towards Semenyih where the hill is located. On our way there, the weather started to pick up and it started raining for a good few minutes but that's it. I was slightly worried that the path might get muddy and it would be dangerous to go up in case i slipped. When we arrived at our destination, there were so many people going up. We started hiking at 5:45am and reached at almost 7am just in time for the sun to spread it rays into the horizon. Overall, it is fairly an easy hike - not too strenuous but it could get a little slippery. You don't need a guide to go up, just diligently follow the path with the rest of the hikers. Most of them are local students and families that starts their morning in this crowded hill. The views at the top is breathtaking as it is filled with lush greenery. If you prefer a quiet and more lonesome hike, this might not be of your fancy. 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful scenery. Another year, another hill/mountain on my special day. Where shall i go next on my birthday?

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