They say, third time is a charm. Following my past horrible experience in KL, i believed every one and every place should be given a chance - just like how i did with Vietnam. If you like to read what happen to me in KL:    

Some of you may have already known the deets though, if yes, read ahead on this post for a some positive vibes. 

With an open heart, i grab my travel buddy & we whizzed off on a coach bus to Kuala Lumpur on my birthday weekend. Our 6 hours ride was smooth and we reached KL safely. Our bus stopped us at Berjaya Times Square & we went a little crazy on the shopping there. Realizing that we were wasting too much time at BTS, we took a GrabCar to our accommodation and sort out the rest of our day. 
Our accommodation was through AirBNB - The Regalia. Its a private apartment with infinity pool!! I am in love with it and the apartment i'm staying belongs to a Thai lady but the owner was not around so i was greeted by her Vietnamese friend. Ah! I already feel at home, just because.  

Lets cut to the chase & relive my time in KL:
Infinity Pool at The Regalia with Huda & Aini
Had amazing time soaking into the pool with such a mesmerizing view.

Visiting cool cafes & buildings
This is partly with the help of Najib that we get to explore a different part of KL and i love seeing a different side of this city properly.

Petaling Street
Yas! I finally managed to visit this dodgy street for a photo opportunity. The last few times i tried to come here always failed as something will stop me.
Tapak Food Corner
My first experience in an outdoor food truck setting! So fun prancing around the area to find food. This is also where i tasted my first poutine (a Canadian food).

Other places i visited/ re-visited that was not mentioned in this post:
Kenanga Mall
Pavilion Mall
Lot 10
TTDI Shell Out
Kuay Teow Mali @ Danau Kota
KL Helipad Lounge : An old post 
Broga Hill  : Spending my birthday hiking
Gotham City of Asia : KL looking awesome in photos

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For the most part of the trip, i ate and shop a lot! Like a ton of food (especially boat noodles!) but what's amazing is i was able to share the moments with my old and new friends from Malaysia. I honestly appreciated their heartwarming hospitality and taking their time off to meet me. We bonded over past memories that we had together through their hard times in Singapore with me. I hope this post served as a closure to my readers (and me) on my experience in KL. Malaysia is truly Asia. Safe travels. 


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