Recently i took a trip to China, exploring the cities of Yunnan Provinces and had collated some helpful tips during the trip. Its more related to technology. Yeah, i know my blog is a little bit messy and all my travel post from different countries are all over the place. I hope to resolve that soon, but procrastination and life love to meddle in this. Nonetheless, i really want to get this post out (even though i have posted it on Instagram). This is a slightly more detailed version from my Insta-post that you guys might have seen. Hopefully it will bring some helpful enlightenment to those of you who wants to visit China. 
Here are some IT Savvy tips for those who wants to visit China:

1. Download Google Translate App and then download their offline Chinese (Simplified) translator. 
For easy use to communicate with the locals and preventing miscommunication through your ugly doodles and retarded hand signs. I'm not sure which language to use on the translator as there is Chinese (simplified) & Chinese (traditional), i just picked the Chinese (simplified) version and have no problems with it at all. It helps me since i do speak basic Mandarin and able to understand and carry light conversations. 

2. Utilized the Google Translate Camera icon in the app. 
When you press on the camera ๐Ÿ“ทicon, you can translate words from banners/menus/signboards in real time from the in-camera app. It may not work so well as Google Translate Image will struggle to translate but you can always give it a try. What do you have to lose, right?

3. Download Maps.me on you App/Playstore
It provides a much accurate map navigation in China and its available offline. You are also able to select routes for cycling/walking or driving. You can explore point of interest in their highly detailed maps. Oh, Don't bother with your Apple & Google Maps - they are bloody inaccurate in China. 

4.Go download any VPN apps from your App/Play store BEFORE you fly off - to be safe. 
All this can't work without VPN. The key to the world. As you cannot access certain sites in China such as Google, Instagram, Facebook etc.  Enable your VPN and then you are connected to the world wide web. I used VPN Proxy Master from the App Store. 

5. Book your overnight trains in advanced. 
Recommended to book via @ctripcvm @ctripcom , if you book in advanced - you might get a discount. The advantage of this website is, you know where your allocated seat is example Carriage 1 Row 12 Lower Berth. These minute details will save all the confusion you will have to encounter if you don't have them. Also, i do realized other train portals for China trains charged a few extra bucks so do your research before you cash that money in. 
6. Oh and yes, please buy a sim card at the airport. 
There's a specific one where you get 18GB for a month by Unicom that cost 100 Yuan! Its a great bang for your buck. You don't have to struggle to find a way to reload your card and not worry about running out of data (just use necessarily)! Unfortunately, there's no information about this 18GB package online - i swear though it has that much Gigabyte on it. I still have the balance amount information on my message box from the Telcom. So maybe you can try your luck at the convenience store - i bought mine in a mini provision shop in Kunming Airport.  

Remember, be a street smart traveller. Don't act smart, be smart aye! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ Until next time, safe travels!

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  1. Its nice reading your posts..do you have instagram dedicated to this that i could follow or know of some acc that are similar for me to follow?


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