AF & me arrived Abu Dhabi in the wee hours of the night, after flying for 7 hours - we were dead beat. 9 hours left till our next flight to Istanbul, our honeymoon destination, our body is dying to recharged. My backpacker instinct instantly told me dump my bag at any empty corner and sleep but i was not having any of it. Believe me, the airport was crowded and too many human activity can be observed. Both of us explored the transit area aimlessly, passing by lounges that middle class human like us cannot have access to until i spotted Aerotel.

How weird. I didn't come across this transit hotel at all when i was researching my trip and most websites stated that visitors need to clear immigration to check-in to their airport hotel. I could have overlooked on this piece of information and wholly believe it so i did not bother to continue searching about transit hotels. Considering the fact that i only decided on my honeymoon destination 2-3 months before and just go with the flow.

"That looks so chic. Maybe it could be affordable too." i thought to myself.

Next thing we knew, we checked into a Double Plus Room. Everything about this room from the ambient to the furniture is loved. Importantly, its clean, sleek with comfortable beds to rest on.


The receptionist woke us up a few hours later for us to get ready for our next flight. With an amazing power shower and thankfully the toilet is equipped with the usual necessities, i had time to made some coffee at at their refreshment corner in front of the bathroom. YAY to complimentary bottles of water, tea and coffee! 😻

 aerotel refreshment

Our short stay did not end there, we were given 1 hour free entry into Al Reem Lounge as well which fairly means our breakfast is settled! The lounge has quite an amazing breakfast spread from Arabic, Asian to Continental Cuisines. I was so happy they had my favorite Ginger Ale as part of their Drinks selection.

Al Reem Lounge has their own set of prices to enter and the minimum price was about S$64/USD$47 for 2 hours all inclusive usage. Such a turned off price for me, this was why i did not want to enter their premium lounges. I was surprised that Aerotel were giving us complimentary access to this lounge which i later find out that only Double Plus Room package has them. I felt lucky because i did thought of just paying to shower and rest in the lounge for 2 hours as an option......oh how much of a fool would i be?

To learn more about Al Reem Lounge, you can read about them here

For a 6 hour stay costing USD $135 including 1 hr access to their premium lounge after you checked out, i must say its well worth the money. USD $135 for 2 pax access sounds better than paying USD $47 /per pax for a 2 hr access in the lounge. You do the Maths! You can also book online with this transit hotel, yes truly one-of-a-kind made for travelers out there.

This post is not sponsored, just a traveler sharing her experiences with you. Let me know if you have stayed here before or have any nice experience in Transit Hotels! Cheers!

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