Who knew, the girl that roams the world is celebrating love. Yes you read that right, your favorite girl traveler got hitched to her Prince Charming. 

AF & I are officially husband and wife now (since February)!! Its been a joy ride to getting where we are at now. We celebrated our official solemnization & wedding with our loved ones at the heart of my favorite town in Singapore, Bugis. Our photo-shoot were then taken at my favorite architectural structure of Singapore, the National Gallery & the famous Cavenagh Bridge - a stone throw away.

This post came a little too late as our photos were only developed much later into the months.

A new adventure is about to begin & i’m excited to have a lifelong partner this time! No more paying for a single ride alone when you can go dutch now! 😂 Catch us on these hashtags on Instagram: #afxnltravels 

And yes, if you noticed [travelwithliya] has ceased to exist together with a new name. It took quite awhile as people always recognized me as TWL. But what does a name change really mean? Am i changing my public identity 360 degrees? Am i still going to continue travelling? Is it because i am donning the hijab now? What is going to happen to this blog? So many questions, don't know where to start....We will work this one out yeah?

Don't worry, I will continue updating more wedding photos once i get hold of it so hold your horses guys!

Lots of love and misses, Leia 

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  1. Congratulations on your marriage, Leia! Keep traveling and enjoying life!


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