What's New, Leia?

(Capture in New Zealand, Tongariro)

As you all know, i have changed the name of my blog from Travel With Liya to Chasing Leia. This little space of mine has gone a long way. I started with writing about my daily life (circa school years) then swiftly moved into fashion blogging (at that time i was already earning my own money and experimenting with fashion) up to the point i graduated from college, turned 21 and officially started travelling frequently. 

So...what is next?

Other than getting married, i have some articles line up from my trip in China, Taiwan, Turkey, Greece & Malacca! Yes, a lot of content awaits and hopefully increasing my productivity as well. It will be so nice to write for a living, ya think?

I will still write about my travel adventures and tips but this time adding a little bit of zest. Incorporating Halal and Muslim Friendly articles not just outside of Singapore but in this little red dot so as to appreciate this city more. Since now i have a travel partner for life, there will be more post about Couple Travel. Oh my, from solo traveling to couple travel.....this blog will continue to see it all. Do expect a bit more of a personal touch as well where i would blog about my personal life more - aka lifestyle post.

Thank you for catching up with the chase.
Safe Travels, Leia

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  1. A lot of people expect solo travelers to stop traveling alone when they get married. But I see no reason why you can't do both! Travel (solo) on, sista!


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